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Exquisite Corpse: Now with Ajax (courtesy of jQuery)

If you check out the Exquisite Corpse page, you will notice some pretty friggin’ awesome updates. It is now ENTIRELY Ajax-based. This means that you don’t EVER have to reload the page to get a new poem or submit lines, and there will be no more of the obnoxious thing where after someone submits a line of a poem, they click refresh a bunch of times to get a new prompt line, and then the line they entered gets added on over and over again because they’re resubmitting the POST data over and over. No, no more! jQuery to the rescue!

If this doesn’t make any sense to you, that’s okay. The upshot of it for an end user is that the page is way more user-friendly, has some sizzling-hot visual effects (yes, Mr. Spinning-Gear-Progress-Indicator, and Ms. Snazzy-Awesome-Slide-Up-and-Slide-Down-to-Respectively-Hide-and-Show-Content, I’m talking about you), tracks when a poem was begun, not just when it was ended,and is just generally slicker. Enjoy!

I’ve tested the page pretty thoroughly, and I don’t anticipate any problems. However, if you do run across something, please let me know using the contact form.

Keep up the good work! This project has been pretty incredible, and I hope that people will continue to contribute to it.