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gcal vacate

I wrote a web application called gcal vacate to help me with a tricky calendar issue. While traveling in Europe this summer, 9 hours ahead of Mountain Time (AZ), all of my repeating events showed up at horribly inconvenient times. Evening things would be at 5 in the morning. Morning things late in the evening. I have daily, weekly and monthly events, so my calendar was kind of clogged. I add things to my calendar that I actually go to on a regular basis, so simply deleting all future recurrences of the events was out – they wouldn’t be here when I got back home. Obviously, deleting every instance of every repeating event individually would have taken a long time and been boring. I can’t imagine I’m the only person who’s ever had this problem, so I decided I’d write a web app to bulk delete all instances of a repeating event between specified boundary dates. I think this app is really useful, and I learned a ton about object-oriented Javascript, jQuery, and RESTful APIs while writing it.

You can use it here. A little more info is on the readme/credits page. Enjoy, and (if you like) let me know what you think on Twitter.