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After many, many years in pretty much the same state, I’m totally rewriting the online Exquisite Corpse project using Node and React. The new version should be done in early May. Until then, you can read the finished poems below. All existing finished and in-progress poems will be migrated over to the new system.

What is this?

Anonymous poetry, written one line at a time. No one sees the whole poem until it’s done.

Exquisite Corpse began as a Surrealist parlor game in the early 20th century. I created this Internet version in 2009. Read the fine print.

Completed poems (most recent at the top)

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Poem #611: (7/5/14 5:23:34 am - 6/5/15 11:57:42 pm EST)
In the magic wooded glen
μια μέρα με χιόνι
the sky is blue
the sky is blue
with blade like slivers of sun
I have a very serious question.
Can I take you out to dinner?
Cos you’ve gotten too much thinner
and that ain’t good for anyone
That said, it’s all over.
Poem #610: (8/29/14 2:05:05 am - 6/5/15 11:53:49 pm EST)
There must be some way to open a can when you haven’t a rock or a key
Use your head very carefully
Otherwise, you’ll destroy everything.
Poem #609: (8/29/14 2:08:22 am - 6/5/15 11:47:44 pm EST)
One shot rang out in the forest deep, one shot, and nothing more.
Nothing at all.
Forget me not.
Poem #608: (8/29/14 2:16:00 am - 6/5/15 11:46:19 pm EST)
Trapped! You’re trapped, and you’ll never escape!
One’s head is a maze with no exits.
Two heads makes it worse.
That’s why I ran away from love.
Poem #607: (8/29/14 1:57:10 am - 6/5/15 11:45:23 pm EST)
The option to eat vegetarian, dear, will not be an option for long.
eat meat eat meat eat meat
No can do: I’m a vegetarian.
Poem #606: (8/29/14 2:00:35 am - 6/5/15 11:42:47 pm EST)
Three rocks have I to throw you at thee; Metamorphic, Igneous and Sedimentary.
can you catch? or not? What do you say?
I say nay.
Poem #605: (8/29/14 1:54:19 am - 6/5/15 11:37:26 pm EST)
Don Quixote seldom sat preferring instead to stand
But his head is on the clouds and no one ever knows when it is going to land.
Poem #604: (5/23/15 4:14:24 pm EST)

Poem #603: (4/27/15 10:07:12 pm - 5/23/15 4:14:23 pm EST)
Το �οίημα είναι ���α
Poem #602: (4/27/15 10:09:45 pm - 5/23/15 4:13:23 pm EST)
�� α��ί�ο�με ���α �ο �οίημα
Poem #601: (8/29/14 2:13:03 am - 5/23/15 4:13:01 pm EST)
When the zombies come to call - and come to call they will
Some will be ready, others shall fall
only someone will be the winner
if they have the guts
Poem #600: (8/29/14 1:59:21 am - 5/23/15 4:11:41 pm EST)
You best not lie to me, boy. You best not lie to me.
The truth is absolute. Your life is not.
Poem #599: (8/29/14 2:05:34 am - 4/27/15 10:12:59 pm EST)
Lightning strikes not once, not twice, but three times. That’s a fact.
not twice
only once
Poem #598: (8/29/14 1:55:31 am - 1/29/15 1:24:17 pm EST)
Hallejulah, I’m a bum
the system is over-rated
Like every New Year’s Eve.
Poem #597: (8/29/14 2:04:41 am - 10/4/14 8:54:14 am EST)
I dreamed of a sky as blue as fire
blue as fire
Poem #596: (8/29/14 2:07:34 am - 10/4/14 8:54:01 am EST)
Twilight comes on so slow, so quick, so heavy and so free
Unlike the day which binds me so, these people all surrounding me
these people all surrounding me
Poem #595: (8/29/14 1:55:16 am - 8/29/14 6:46:59 am EST)
Currant affairs and raisin-plum news
Poem #594: (8/25/14 6:17:54 pm - 8/25/14 6:19:43 pm EST)
A coffee left too long grows cold
A man who wastes his years grows old
Don’t you think it’s rather bold
If me to go completely against the purpose of this project and write a poem myself?
Poem #593: (8/1/14 5:41:34 am - 8/25/14 8:03:01 am EST)
i spilled my heart on the pavement
Poem #592: (7/5/14 10:09:06 am - 8/25/14 8:02:37 am EST)
Εραστής ενός πρωινού
the sky is blue
the see is more
the sea is more
also the sun and you
jump in the water like it’s life
Are you cheating on me?
Poem #591: (7/5/14 10:08:59 am - 8/1/14 5:41:40 am EST)
Εραστής ενός πρωινού
μια μέρα με χιόνι
the sky is blue
in much the same way the dog is
Poem #590: (7/5/14 10:09:17 am - 7/5/14 10:10:35 am EST)
Εραστής ενός πρωινού
μια μέρα με χιόνι
Poem #589: (5/18/14 3:02:12 am - 7/5/14 5:11:12 am EST)
Do the things we own really own us?
We are their slaves.
But we shall make toast for them no more.
For they are dead, and don’t need toast.
Poem #588: (6/20/14 11:13:06 pm EST)

vulgar mash of thoughts
Poem #587: (6/6/14 4:03:45 pm - 6/20/14 11:12:34 pm EST)
The Shazmobile,
Poem #586: (5/18/14 3:02:18 am - 6/6/14 4:05:21 pm EST)
Do the things we own really own us?
We are their slaves.
We bide our time.
Then, after that time ceases to exist,
Said the dead saxophonist.
Poem #585: (5/9/14 6:38:14 am - 5/18/14 2:33:44 am EST)
while birds fly
I run
I fly
when others are walking.
Poem #584: (5/9/14 6:38:11 am - 5/18/14 2:31:23 am EST)
while birds fly
we rain on their parade
why does this happen?
when i pick daisies, this always happens.
Poem #583: (5/9/14 6:37:24 am - 5/9/14 6:38:04 am EST)
while birds fly
and we dont know why
Poem #582: (5/5/14 11:17:10 pm - 5/9/14 6:37:53 am EST)
it is hard to breathe like people who are sleeping
and we dont know why
Poem #581: (5/5/14 11:17:36 pm - 5/6/14 4:27:30 am EST)
it is hard to breathe like people who are sleeping
choking on their heartstrings as they roll on their pillow
choking on their heartstrings as they roll on their pillow
Poem #580: (4/9/14 4:17:30 am - 4/13/14 3:05:42 am EST)
the pasta tastes like Christmas Eve
or so I imagine, being Jewish but blessed with a love of noodles
because being able to enjoy kugel or suet pudding is one of my favorite memories as a child
little birds are sitting on my bookshelf
I wonder if they’re looking for a book… worm
… a worm that would help with retaining the contents of the books you have read
I wish next week was present tense
Present, like in the moment. Present, like a gift.
A moment in time that you need to enjoy to its fullist, Savory
savoring every second
Hands in fists, holding fast. Holding on
until their knuckles turned white and were painful
what is he talking about?
I’m confused and enthused while amused, unaccused
and infused with a bit unused knowledge.
to be used in ways least expected
An open heart, not an open wound
A heart that is filled with love, joy and forgivness
our chance is now
Poem #579: (2/12/14 12:46:07 am - 4/9/14 7:32:52 pm EST)
Once upon the moon (dance, kick, around very fast), drying off.
Spinning so very fast, a maddened firefly.
abandoning the meery-go-round in search for the ferris wheel
so they could get a better view of where their little sister was
I wish next week was present tense
I wish next week was present tense
Wishing next week was present tense
Present, like in the moment. Present, like a gift.
Present, like in the moment. Present, like a gift.
Poem #578: (4/2/14 3:09:03 am - 4/9/14 7:31:45 pm EST)
Fried food day was a wonderland of grease, salt and deliciousness
But not for my arteries
Poem #577: (2/5/14 6:53:33 pm - 3/23/14 2:23:43 am EST)
Once upon a time there was a little pony called Gilda
she whinnied as she waded .. unsure of her arrival
But cautionary stepping ensured her own survival
Like a delicate phantom only knowing her next step.
Like a delicate phantom only knowing her next step.
Poem #576: (2/5/14 7:07:25 pm - 2/7/14 12:28:16 pm EST)
One man
one fight
his face melted slowly into sunset bananasplit puddles
she whinnied as she waded .. unsure of her arrival
Poem #575: (10/31/13 1:31:04 am - 2/6/14 4:22:29 am EST)
She merged her white sheets in the sun
and each cat warmed her tail on the tea cups reflection
as the cricket brushed the crumbs from her feet
i watched and washed it
after i removed it from the puddle
awareness came: hapiness in loneliness.
Bat wings thumping the eyes
leaving nothing but scrambled eggs
and I’ll unscramble the breakfast emptiness
Poem #574: (10/31/13 1:18:40 am - 2/5/14 6:48:54 pm EST)
Seagulls drip in the frame
A bloody squabble made manifest in flight
deliberately and delightfully poked by the steel knees of the warbled moose
he knelt and smiled, yes.
Pickled espresso beans twisting
reliving the dreams of past glory
Poem #573: (11/21/13 10:41:50 pm - 12/8/13 5:10:21 pm EST)
there i was alone
lying beside you
I weep for the lost moments, yet yearn for your touch
Poem #572: (10/31/13 1:33:13 am - 11/12/13 1:23:02 am EST)
He danced in his shintoism
Flailing history, brainstorming time
Burnt in memory; burned by lyme
Poem #571: (11/10/13 10:30:27 am - 11/11/13 8:29:41 am EST)
We left a box at his honor’s gate
pooped in the box and spit
Poem #570: (10/30/13 1:19:23 am - 10/30/13 1:21:50 am EST)
Never says hello
sense the tension
of the cat’s grasp
your pants loosely come undone
you silly bastard
next time we’ll get you
Poem #569: (10/30/13 1:16:39 am - 10/30/13 1:18:34 am EST)
sexy granddaddy
moving along nicely
never made a sound
so says little daughter
on the day that we slept
by the river in the dark
Poem #568: (10/30/13 1:14:42 am - 10/30/13 1:15:52 am EST)
No one knows
the candy addict
the candy addict
reason being tardiness
this day has come to a close
this day has come to a close
Poem #567: (10/30/13 1:13:20 am - 10/30/13 1:14:17 am EST)
Today has gone
the pony sits waiting
the pony sits waiting in the open field.
Poem #566: (10/1/13 1:53:09 pm - 10/1/13 1:55:43 pm EST)
Open bag of candy
staring at me from afar
I felt an urge to run to you
but you were flying
Poem #565: (9/2/13 9:02:40 pm - 9/20/13 7:52:39 pm EST)
I started thinking that the word owl wasn’t real.
I then looked in the mirror. And behold I saw myself!
I saw myself!
Poem #564: (8/19/13 8:06:02 am - 8/27/13 4:33:48 pm EST)
when the beginning ends
and the end becomes a new start
with a sharp stabing pain in the heart
the gathered around to revive me
they gathered around to revive me
While eying my silver bracelets
While eying my silver bracelets
While eying my silver bracelets
While eying my silver bracelets
Wondering how to revive but only for a candle’s flicker
What device can truly ignite the mind?
None that I can find.
Poem #563: (5/23/13 3:34:17 am - 8/19/13 8:05:00 am EST)
Strive to be the best and you’ll might just be well known around the world someday. :)
Cardigan three-hundred is stark white and longing horses
But resistance is futile
Washboards of emotions
Picnic hamper filled with cupcakes
carried away by an army of ants
Poem #562: (3/31/13 5:26:41 am - 8/19/13 8:03:28 am EST)
Fuck your neo-con bullshit.
Breton looks out and sees
Post-punk novels
Sick gross models
With their raunchy outfits
Life is a challenging thing
Don’t take the easy way out everytime something seems really difficult
Being lazy is a stupid move unless you want to be obese for the rest of your life. Do something about it!
Obesity is not laziness
Nor a character flaw
but only a small chip
Poem #561: (4/2/13 12:17:28 pm - 8/19/13 8:01:59 am EST)
In uncanny spirals do the corpses dance, what hand can intervene?
What tremors and impact caress the scene?
Shivering and scared, there is no one to be seen
But a woman, staring at the sky
her eyes glistened like the moon in the night time sky
interrogative: where are the lost monkeys?
The Wicked Witch of the West is searching
Powerless pointless soundless, she smashes the hourglass.
Unsatisfied rage
Emotions smolder and slowly build
a fire for Ferdinand
Poem #560: (5/8/13 1:38:26 pm - 8/19/13 8:00:25 am EST)
The body of Akropolis danced in serotonine
Este é o dia em que chove.
And destroys
unleashed misery from my hand
Shed a tear for all those lost
From the fear of a loved one dying
Grew the seed of a new idea
Ranted against ravenous squirrels
Powerless to stop the thievery
Powerless to stop the thievery
She cries in her outrage
Cursing her loss
Alone, still angry
Wandering through the field of sunflowers
Warmth of sun and peace of mind intermingle
with the sound of silence
Poem #559: (3/4/13 6:31:56 am - 8/19/13 7:58:36 am EST)
hedonist delights in flesh clad reflections
quivering flesh that repels the intrusion of darkness eternal
And the sabotage flees on its feet
On a dog
Sitting on the porcelin throne taking a dump while reading a magazine
Mad mad reading a Mad
Shad running from the shark
Panic crowned hysteria
over my dead body
Poem #558: (4/2/13 12:15:31 pm - 8/18/13 7:10:40 pm EST)
can it be that on the eve of the illustrious that golden hour
we could have known so much more
the fabric of our memory frays
The sanctity of light.
Oceans seem endless
You can see the color blue as far as your eyes can see
The light of sky burns your eyes
Endless light that flees before the night
Cardigan one-hundred is bloody and seeping lineage
Cardigan three-hundred is stark white and longing horses
Poem #557: (5/23/13 1:36:03 am - 8/18/13 7:09:19 pm EST)
Why are there phases of the moon
to cause ebb and flow of oceans
to cause ebb and flow of oceans
Poem #556: (5/8/13 1:45:39 pm - 8/16/13 6:27:26 am EST)
Este é o dia em que chove.
a day of reckoning
she had meatballs with her spaghetti
Cardigan one-hundred is bloody and seeping lineage
Poem #555: (4/2/13 12:18:17 pm - 8/16/13 6:25:59 am EST)
Submit, elevate, throw pearls that swine may, if provoked,
Thy shall disobey
Hail to corruption
Could not have gone better!
interrogative: where are the lost monkeys?
Poem #554: (4/2/13 12:31:18 pm - 7/21/13 7:41:09 pm EST)
enjoyed on many unlasting, fevered, tell-tale - enjoyed, like christ
All sudden light. All desert and sand and films
What can be heard
All that is not seen
Is not to be heard
Don’t be shy, come on speak up!
life is but a journey
and it ends like a poem
Poem #553: (3/4/13 6:43:43 am - 5/23/13 3:35:14 am EST)
spacial awareness between her breasts
she found me there asking for the spell
for changing men into barnyard animals.
They only mean well, bleating there.
the unseen hand sinks deeper into fur
slowly trembling as it reaches further
The marine flesh above
Rised out of the ashes from the fire of the explosions from the grenades the enemies threw
Semper Fi
Stabbing the enemy with their bayonets at the end of their rifles
They blood, sweat, and tears running down their uniforms
The soliders bleed the colors of the greatful nation of red, white, and blue
It only lasted for a long and dragged out 40 years
Life is a challenging thing
It has it’s ups and downs
So make the right choices and choose wisely
Just follow your heart and that will hopefully lead you to choose the right path to guide you
Take a chance, you’ve got a 50-50 shot of it working
Strive to be the best and you’ll might just be well known around the world someday. :)
Poem #552: (4/2/13 12:26:50 pm - 5/23/13 1:36:49 am EST)
A blinding mist descends, a madness cools the blood beyond endurance
And the chimney spills the Roman odour
This is Sparta
For Sparta!
Poem #551: (2/14/13 5:47:31 am - 5/8/13 1:47:53 pm EST)
do you see the shimmering star
between the winter tree branches?
I miss my hot crunches
cranium deplored absent mindedness to vacate
when I went down on an evening hour
down and out, sprawled out, out for the count on that evening hour
The brushes silently moved
Silence on the screen.
Poem #550: (4/2/13 12:19:28 pm - 5/8/13 1:36:56 pm EST)
unquiet grave you say? questing favours ever
the widow who walks there in the moonlight
then you will get what’s coming to you, said the duck
And he passed the stream completely out of luck.
Poem #549: (4/2/13 12:16:14 pm - 4/29/13 3:52:50 pm EST)
Sprouting fetted morsels that cling somewhat I curse the light
Poem #548: (3/20/13 9:40:15 am - 3/31/13 5:22:09 am EST)
she found me there asking for the spell
for changing men into barnyard animals.
They only mean well, bleating there.
They only mean well, bleating there.
Poem #547: (3/4/13 6:31:44 am - 3/4/13 6:32:17 am EST)
hedonist delights in flesh clad reflections
Poem #546: (2/11/13 1:51:32 pm - 3/2/13 7:18:27 pm EST)
Cats only meow when ghosts are around
I miss my hot crunches
Poem #545: (1/20/13 12:48:21 am - 2/14/13 5:20:43 am EST)
The fly has the biggest eye
when Saturn is rising
The sun is falling
and is caught by the ground
spinning all around
I see the ocean from the carousel
sea horses dance while vibrant golden fish twirl amid crystal bubbles
sea horses dance while vibrant golden fish twirl amid crystal bubbles
Poem #544: (1/25/13 4:59:21 am - 1/29/13 11:33:52 pm EST)
Its the that world that bleeds
and English language does it not need
Use less private cars
spinning all around
Poem #543: (11/2/12 7:13:19 am - 1/14/13 7:48:46 pm EST)
the stars were spilt like white notes on a black page of inky darkness
the inks never get smudged
it smells like dim rapsody
Poem #542: (11/2/12 7:11:21 am - 1/14/13 7:48:42 pm EST)
the stars were spilt like white notes on a page of inky darkness
with blue hues and purple dusty balls of rock
I scream from the canyon floor.
The sky calls back, mocking me.
Blue, red, orange and violet, how she dare.
madness springs
Poem #541: (11/14/12 3:37:20 am - 12/19/12 4:52:52 am EST)
I write in primary colors
abused blues thrive in my melancholy
Poem #540: (10/5/12 6:07:33 pm - 10/21/12 1:35:27 am EST)
I opened my eyes. I was cold, confused and someone was screaming.
I started to run, dancing forward and back, blinking my eyes and rubbing my ears
crawl back into my ear (from whence you came)
Poem #539: (9/17/12 2:34:40 pm - 9/29/12 11:13:16 am EST)
my window looks out to the world
but the catch is always shut
as that is the manner of those things which can open
,while the things that cannot, must remain silent and closed.
The old maid, dainty even yet, if stiff in joint and smile
eating figs in the park
Poem #538: (9/6/12 1:13:16 am - 9/6/12 1:14:24 am EST)
of fire
remains silent
Poem #537: (9/6/12 1:13:33 am - 9/6/12 1:14:00 am EST)
of fire
Poem #536: (7/11/12 12:43:29 am - 8/8/12 2:04:08 am EST)
Trailing green and red threads of thin metallic thread follow her
As through the halls they roamed
Poem #535: (7/9/12 8:36:42 pm - 7/11/12 12:41:37 am EST)
She has oranges in her mouth, and she’s smiling
a toothless grin of both agony and ecstasy
brings her to the mirror of her soul
Poem #534: (6/12/12 8:53:54 pm - 6/17/12 11:21:18 am EST)
Alligators wear traditional mexican dress
out of doors on Sundays only
when God is kept busy in the churches
Poem #533: (6/12/12 5:26:11 pm - 6/12/12 8:53:44 pm EST)
Soft beans in the kidney red forest - the rain
Alligators wear traditional mexican dress
Poem #532: (6/7/12 7:03:14 pm - 6/12/12 8:52:40 pm EST)
There is requirements in becoming a creative performer,
the most important being a twinkle in your eye
For a see a new person
Do a see an old porpoise
or did i just imagine that?
The world seems so odd now
Poem #531: (4/25/12 7:44:24 pm - 6/7/12 7:01:45 pm EST)
there is no difference between myself and an orange
if you peeled me, what would happen?
You would see me for who I am.
Poem #530: (4/11/12 12:03:10 am - 4/21/12 7:16:11 pm EST)
Mirroring your every move
Unseen in the shadows
Peering through the leaves
And bid adieu to the salamander
As its final footsteps fused with the forests’
Poem #529: (3/27/12 7:11:59 am - 4/1/12 11:19:26 am EST)
over the fall
under the water
hands of tears
unable to grasp
Poem #528: (3/19/12 5:56:09 am - 3/19/12 6:02:00 am EST)
Uma seta de prata
aponta para o peito do sol
absorve o cosmos na linha do seio
sem receio, abocanha a febre do delírio esfíngico
completa-se a fogueira abrupta no gelo messianico
- chove no vale das rainhas.
Poem #527: (2/27/12 10:20:13 pm - 3/19/12 5:58:35 am EST)
the wind giggles
blushing as it swirls
down the blow hole it crawls
the lizzard
shining inside the womb
Poem #526: (2/12/12 5:57:54 am - 2/13/12 2:04:55 am EST)
This will not
read the way its supposed to
The mouse clicks my finger.
That lady is not a singer
Poem #525: (2/12/12 5:58:30 am - 2/12/12 5:58:39 am EST)
Go to sleep
take off and crash
Poem #524: (2/12/12 5:58:30 am - 2/12/12 5:58:39 am EST)
Go to sleep
Poem #523: (2/10/12 6:23:49 pm - 2/12/12 1:35:35 am EST)
the window keeps out the cold
leaps leeps last least
soap sofa if effs
not nothing pling plot
Poem #522: (1/19/12 8:04:54 pm - 2/8/12 10:42:06 pm EST)
come cradle the babe
with tender sweetness
a teardrop wends its’ way down her cheek
into the wound, salty oceans from her eye
spill creating elephant pools
rippling across the ocean floor
Poem #521: (1/23/12 7:38:07 am - 2/8/12 10:41:59 pm EST)
open your mouth to the sky
elephant rain drops jump in
rippling through the ocean floor
Poem #520: (1/30/12 11:24:32 pm - 2/8/12 10:37:54 pm EST)
The whir of the angle grinder on steel echoed
Poem #519: (1/21/12 10:47:38 am - 1/30/12 11:20:40 pm EST)
leave the tale to spin itself
Like any good tail, it’ll be there when you come back
Poem #518: (1/16/12 7:30:04 pm - 1/19/12 7:57:02 pm EST)
I love cake
but it is depressing that it doesn’t love me back
the sun shines piteously on the frozen ground
and I laugh a thief’s laugh
Poem #517: (11/28/11 7:19:48 pm - 11/28/11 7:21:31 pm EST)
Life is easier when you trust no one
Trust no one but Sponge Bob
But SpongeBob gave Sandy
Back shots but where you at?
You at? What? You mean where I�m at?
Where I�m at? I like cartoons
Like cartoons and your mom
Tomorrow night
Poem #516: (11/28/11 7:19:10 pm - 11/28/11 7:19:59 pm EST)
Life is easier when you trust no one Trust no one but Sponge Bob But SpongeBob gave Sandy Back shots but where you at? You at? What? You mean where I�m at? Where I�m at? I like cartoons Like cartoons and your mom Tomorrow night
Poem #515: (11/24/11 7:33:23 pm - 11/24/11 7:38:02 pm EST)
In the dead of winter I find my muse
lovingly the night is so cold
Poem #514: (11/14/11 2:09:13 am - 11/24/11 5:35:36 am EST)
As the last coyote howls echoed across the ocean of cacti spines rustling with the wind I exhaled,
Poem #513: (10/20/11 7:05:59 am - 11/24/11 5:35:01 am EST)
twisting twisters
whirling and twirling
purple leaves with red bellies
No doubt a distant cousin of Nightshade, still I had
Poem #512: (10/20/11 7:05:46 am - 11/14/11 2:23:38 am EST)
halloweeeeeeen is commiiiiiiiing
In just under 12 months next year.
Poem #511: (10/20/11 6:59:44 am - 10/27/11 12:11:14 am EST)
our world is fucked
no it isn’t
it’s been plucked
like a pigeon
thats a lie!!!!
ima kill you
but why??
why did you leave, leave, leave and not look back?
Poem #510: (10/20/11 7:13:38 am - 10/24/11 11:30:40 pm EST)
Mr Burger wants a hot dog
But of course he can’t do that
he’s not wise enough
for it
Poem #509: (10/20/11 7:05:21 am - 10/24/11 11:30:27 pm EST)
duh duh duh DUH DUHHHH (mcdonalds theme)
I hate it
Poem #508: (10/20/11 6:57:02 am - 10/20/11 6:58:42 am EST)
ohhhhhh from head to toeeeee
i’m a loser babyyyy
so why dontcha kill meeeee
Poem #507: (10/19/11 1:01:52 am - 10/20/11 6:58:30 am EST)
These poems…
are mine
to keep
Poem #506: (10/20/11 6:23:36 am - 10/20/11 6:58:14 am EST)
rings around the rose
pockets full of posies
ashes ashes
we all fall down
Poem #505: (10/20/11 6:22:53 am - 10/20/11 6:57:51 am EST)
i woke up to a blue dawn
it fell on my head
Poem #504: (10/14/11 8:04:47 am - 10/20/11 6:57:19 am EST)
Elie picked up a deep breath of stale air.
She brushed the cobwebs from her hair.
spiders dangled from her palm.
they shittered in the cool breeze
Poem #503: (10/11/11 11:12:32 pm - 10/14/11 7:55:48 am EST)
A day like any other day
despite the lack of newborn children
we danced in the moonlight
ignoring the glisten of tears
Poem #502: (9/12/11 7:32:27 am - 9/12/11 7:35:26 am EST)
corpos elásticos fendem linhas enforcadas pelo vento
caverna ventosa tridente alado
atravessou o número dobrado pelas chamas sacrificiais
Poem #501: (6/27/11 7:19:51 am - 9/12/11 7:31:17 am EST)
You wrote the night away
with your eyes blinded by your own ambition
you stopped living your divine purpose
i stood still as a breeze did bloom
Poem #500: (9/12/11 7:27:32 am - 9/12/11 7:28:36 am EST)
a garrafa aturdida salta nas nuvens elásticas
floresce asiático licor na via
Poem #499: (5/6/11 7:29:06 am - 9/12/11 7:27:41 am EST)
after that
it sank into the well
as I made a copper-coated wish
I felt the burn of satan’s kiss
Satiating my sickening salacious supplication.
or was it God’s?
with any doubt I let Him fly my flight
trusting my inner compass, and his
my true north lies away from where he leads
Poem #498: (7/21/11 1:05:17 am - 8/14/11 5:49:36 am EST)
Sacare lo que no sirve
Poem #497: (5/5/11 7:01:54 pm - 6/27/11 7:20:46 am EST)
The sweet smell of lemon drops
a sticky mess on the floor of the hot car
the open wound rerrari red
Poem #496: (4/24/11 3:35:10 pm - 5/5/11 7:01:25 pm EST)
do you remember
? no.
as if the heart were not enough
if the heart were not
composed of cardiac tissue
that smelled of formaldehyde
that smelled of formaldehyde
Poem #495: (4/24/11 3:35:49 pm - 4/30/11 10:06:07 am EST)
What did you tell me that night, whispered
between the lines, across the sheets
our voices stay awake while our bodies sleep
Poem #494: (4/20/11 6:23:29 pm - 4/30/11 10:04:46 am EST)
Paul Delvaux’s Muse
knew what he wanted, and gave it freely.
“Untimely wandered”, an Utalitarian wondered,
broken was he, his watch and the hammer
Poem #493: (4/24/11 3:36:03 pm - 4/25/11 7:53:40 pm EST)
Olive branches, olive oil
I miss butter.
Poem #492: (3/28/11 5:47:25 pm - 4/20/11 6:21:30 pm EST)
is a very special number
We like the linking socks
That swirl around the sky
And wish the sea to die
Poem #491: (3/24/11 9:47:23 pm - 4/20/11 6:18:39 pm EST)
Friday friday
like a g6
The Piano singer
Poem #490: (3/2/11 3:08:05 pm - 3/9/11 3:23:28 am EST)
Inflammable pigs
cannot remember
Poem #489: (2/22/11 10:04:06 pm - 3/2/11 3:06:37 pm EST)
Cuando comienzo a pensar en las cosas
no estoy seguro de lo que es
mejor me paro en la tina
que me desbaratina.
Poem #488: (2/8/11 7:46:41 pm - 2/21/11 12:27:18 am EST)
You can’t count on your own brain to present an objective version of reality
But you can count on it to disagree with your heart, always.
Poem #487: (1/11/11 10:38:42 pm - 2/10/11 9:17:20 am EST)
In the cold rainy daytime
I sit at home and masturbate
whilst crying pitifully, and eating cake.
whilst crying pitifully, and eating cake.
Poem #486: (12/4/10 5:43:53 am - 12/26/10 12:31:57 pm EST)
Greg House and Perry Cox…a pair o’ docs?
erstwhile i digress…these words are only intellectual fellatio
this is just another form of mental fornication
put it up on blocks
pull up its socks
pick it up off the floor
Live by the book
never falter free
Poem #485: (12/4/10 5:42:44 am - 12/26/10 12:31:15 pm EST)
Oh look, ‘tis Fred
who has lost his sense of meanining in wearing shoes or eating trousers
do not succumb to the lost sense of playwrite
the sense of your own truths is sweeter
like honey from the supple vine
Poem #484: (12/14/10 6:32:04 am - 12/14/10 6:32:24 am EST)
Our fleeting existence
Poem #483: (11/29/10 5:06:40 am - 12/6/10 8:21:38 pm EST)
Emergency vets shouldn’t have to look it up on the internet
They should know their bones by their heartstrings
Poem #482: (11/15/10 2:03:10 pm - 12/4/10 12:13:20 pm EST)
good morning to you at the zoo
look at those animals, milling about with no bars
free as a bee in a car
traveling far
open your legs and let me feel your heart
Your blood, your salt makes my insides want out
Fire up the indolence and start a new era
Poem #481: (11/29/10 5:04:24 am - 12/4/10 4:02:37 am EST)
I hate stupid people
but not all the time
still, there will be others, never too soon or late
Poem #480: (11/25/10 7:05:34 am - 12/4/10 3:36:56 am EST)
shoot my heart out
with your bright green eyes, and purple lips
that make me melt when I think of kissing them.
Poem #479: (10/23/10 9:47:35 pm - 11/15/10 3:08:45 am EST)
The dog barks at the woman climbing the tree
and now I am free
like a bag at K-mart
borne aloft by itinerant gale
i picked and i picked and i picked
eternal rising of the ashen brow
Poem #478: (10/15/10 8:37:10 am - 10/20/10 8:32:15 am EST)
Once upon a time, cliché phrases still had vigor and vim
she sucks a cunt late in the evening
do you love her?
Poem #477: (10/7/10 7:41:45 am - 10/19/10 9:50:16 pm EST)
can you hold this in ou hand?
elephants trunkis
wave and plow, plunder and snorkle
above, below, beneath, how deep
Poem #476: (10/13/10 10:10:54 pm - 10/14/10 6:39:06 am EST)
Let the blackened braces fall
into the dark abyss
Poem #475: (10/7/10 1:04:58 am - 10/7/10 4:42:50 pm EST)
Dr. Seuss PhD has some news for you
your going to die, perhaps one week or two
Poem #474: (9/6/10 6:06:39 am - 9/23/10 5:47:55 pm EST)
“Bring out your dead!”
We’ll have them!
And thoroughly enjoy them as well.
Poem #473: (9/6/10 6:02:53 am - 9/10/10 12:46:36 am EST)
I’m sitting here at the zoo
watching the lion eye the keeper
god always digs deeper
Poem #472: (9/6/10 6:07:06 am - 9/10/10 12:41:26 am EST)
This is an electronic version
my ass flutters like crystal
Poem #471: (8/29/10 1:22:55 am - 9/6/10 6:01:55 am EST)
There are only two realities
I know neither of them
neither of them
could see the end of the shoreline.
Poem #470: (8/30/10 8:19:31 am EST)

Poem #469: (8/17/10 3:49:03 am - 8/30/10 8:19:07 am EST)
Human knowledge is definted by squares
human wisdom by circles
ends in infinity
Poem #468: (8/17/10 3:48:24 am - 8/27/10 10:59:17 pm EST)
They once said the world was flat
but they never really did
ge tover the mountain
Poem #467: (8/14/10 10:22:17 pm - 8/15/10 8:34:11 pm EST)
this is the start
yellow polkadots beneath her skirt
running through the hallway
before she ate a peach, she remembered…
Poem #466: (7/4/10 8:16:50 pm - 7/16/10 10:23:27 am EST)
Nothing is open in this cynical distrustful world�nothing except
living there your be free
there is not lfe i know like pure imagination
if you truly wish to be
Poem #465: (5/26/10 1:53:32 pm - 6/16/10 10:37:43 pm EST)
I woke up in the morning
Feeling like P Diddy
Mr. Combs to you.
Poem #464: (5/16/10 5:03:02 am - 6/13/10 6:35:30 am EST)
one, two, then three
kisses on my sweet lips
are never going to
Poem #463: (5/17/10 5:03:51 am - 6/2/10 2:23:09 pm EST)
below the anger resides
The frustration - in a rent-controlled apartment,
led him to consider sub-letting
the now vacant basement room in the cavity of his soul
emptied because it is prone to flooding
Poem #462: (5/15/10 6:30:31 am - 5/16/10 4:24:46 am EST)
open for business
love is but a skein unwound between dusk and dawn
Poem #461: (5/6/10 6:11:08 am - 5/16/10 1:04:13 am EST)
He played only chords
a forgotten melody
da da dee dee… or something like that
no, no, no… it was doo doo doo
Poem #460: (5/5/10 8:15:56 pm - 5/16/10 1:03:32 am EST)
Watching from the frigid oasis outside of time
Wondering if I could catch myself a mirthful rhyme
before they all disappeared
they each drank a cup of tea
it tasted gross.
Poem #459: (5/5/10 6:18:19 am - 5/15/10 6:27:50 am EST)
my hand trembles
Fish in a barrel
of monkeys
swinging. flinging. and singing.
two girls for every boy
Poem #458: (4/8/10 2:32:26 am - 5/14/10 7:58:03 am EST)
i heard you got a hip replacement?
Yes it’s cool daddy-o…. snap….. snap
Walk the way the wizard walks
with staff in hand
he split the sea
Poem #457: (4/17/10 5:32:22 pm - 5/6/10 6:06:48 am EST)
I waited and waited and waited
but I saw not a single movement
nor a duplex of sounds
that bonuces around
the world in 80 days
Poem #456: (4/8/10 2:32:57 am - 5/5/10 6:15:06 am EST)
I screamed for more lubrication.
Finally they understood and gave it to me
on a platter.
Poem #455: (4/4/10 1:02:04 am - 5/5/10 6:14:30 am EST)
Have I been blacklisted?
I’m sure I paid my fines weeks ago
the only money left is the change in my right pocket
two dimes, a nickel and four pennies
Poem #454: (3/31/10 5:22:42 am - 4/10/10 4:35:59 am EST)
A terrible demise
due to an ornery infection
the kangaroo got flu
in spite of the beautiful healing kisses
I instantly fell over and died.
Poem #453: (12/15/09 4:38:56 am - 3/26/10 5:11:46 am EST)
There must be some way to stop Christmas from coming!
So I canceled my last trip to the mall.
Choosing instead the frugality of absence
forced the crowd to leave before paying
for the second feature.
Poem #452: (12/15/09 4:38:16 am - 3/26/10 5:10:59 am EST)
Placentas come but once a year
always in the spring
living in a constant combusting rhytm
I couldn’t stand the pounding, the smoke in my eyes.
And her finishing touch left a large mark on my arm.
Poem #451: (12/15/09 4:40:24 am - 3/26/10 5:09:52 am EST)
Does anybody really know what time it is?
When one approaches Chicago at nearly the speed of light.
Your brakes had better be in good working order.
Poem #450: (12/15/09 4:42:49 am - 3/26/10 5:09:02 am EST)
Tyranosaurus Rex, it seems, was not such an evil guy.
Except that wasn’t his name… it was the name of his band.
His name was Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV
and his brother’s name was Fred.
Fred had just lost his job.
Poem #449: (1/29/10 3:22:21 am - 3/26/10 5:08:04 am EST)
What is wish to say, I cannot let you hear
Just to make sure, I’ll cut off both your ears
after I whisper my last words of silence
her eyes scream at me with pleasure
as I bring an end to them all
Poem #448: (12/15/09 4:42:28 am - 3/26/10 5:07:38 am EST)
The gravy train is coming in, but you ain’t got no turkey.
Just this succulent pig
goes oink oink
Poem #447: (12/15/09 4:34:18 am - 3/26/10 5:07:18 am EST)
Tell me one more truth, my honey, tell me me one more lie.
Does it make a difference which
way is up
on the way down
Poem #446: (2/21/10 1:16:11 am - 3/26/10 5:06:55 am EST)
The objects were placed randomly on his desk
A melange of tastes, they made an arabesque
and tattooed it’s likeness on the back of their hands
a labyrinth of ink
flowed from my pen
and obscured my final words
Poem #445: (1/24/10 7:34:30 pm - 3/26/10 5:02:38 am EST)
constantly surrounded by air
longing just once to be without it
tit uohtiw eb ot ecno tsuj gnigmol
I turned around in the hope I would understand him
but alas, there was no one there
Poem #444: (2/28/10 6:00:20 pm - 3/26/10 5:01:52 am EST)
Primed and waiting
and still waiting
Poem #443: (1/27/10 10:11:01 pm - 3/23/10 2:16:44 pm EST)
The trophy sat alone on my desk
it was springtime and it was raining
the dirty black snow on the roadside was already washed away
A door creaks in the early morning darkness
and I hear running water flowing down the drain
Poem #442: (1/27/10 4:15:37 am - 3/23/10 2:14:51 pm EST)
bouncing along on I-45
tires kissing wheelwells with every jolt
my soda spilled on my lap
Poem #441: (2/28/10 5:59:30 pm - 3/18/10 4:58:58 am EST)
His impatience grew
like a stalagmite, over micro-eons, a quiet foreboding that voiced a sigh
Again with the sigh Sarah said pointing. Always the sigh
I’ll look for sunshine, but, right now, I live inside the rain
Poem #440: (2/10/10 10:01:09 am - 3/13/10 5:43:31 am EST)
Your sound flows into my ears and pours into my heart
and explodes out of my chest
like a bullet from the gun of my heart
the recoil is worse than the shot
of Dr. McGillicuddys
Poem #439: (12/15/09 4:41:18 am - 3/2/10 6:01:04 am EST)
There’s an eight ball, a seven ball. Then, there’s you.
It could’ve been you
complaisant angelic waves swaying amogst stars
never saw the attractive black hole drawing closer
the light lost, lost his mind
as it had accidentally rolled under the couch
Poem #438: (2/21/10 1:14:54 am EST)
She left early today
oh see, can you say?
How nice it is today.
the moon shines in the night sky
and lights my way to the neighbors front door
She stands in the glow of the candle naked
which was quickly snuffed out by the censors.
Poem #437: (1/27/10 10:10:19 pm - 2/19/10 6:19:41 am EST)
Simply the best
nothing can compare - your love
is a doorway to truth
in the mind of my longings
I found my wants and desires
strangly in a connon slide ruler
deciphered the preceding line
Poem #436: (12/15/09 4:43:32 am - 2/13/10 5:29:15 am EST)
Alcohol in hospitals, alcohol in bars
Where are are the peanuts?
Elephants want to know.
What is it like to forget?
I dunno… I forget.
Poem #435: (12/15/09 4:38:01 am - 2/11/10 6:24:19 am EST)
Pick a daisy, pick a daisy, pick a daisy, do!
I’m fully crazy
pushing daisies in my tomb
while the cemetery cat digs nearby
circumventing obtuse triangular diadems
pressed hard upon my head
too much Mikayla in my senses
working overtime
Poem #434: (1/10/10 6:17:13 am - 2/11/10 6:18:50 am EST)
She plays only notes
of condescending octaves that breaches the walls
heard the horn of dilemma before the battle began
causing the soldiers to lose all apetite for blood, the officers
handed out k-rations instead
one desire filled, another left longing
for the short end of the stick
Poem #433: (1/24/10 7:36:33 pm - 2/11/10 6:06:50 am EST)
all the phases of the moon
continue, monotonus and unlike the sun
had a date with his gregarious sister
a free grand-slam breakfast… missed her
by this much.
Poem #432: (12/15/09 4:39:22 am - 1/29/10 3:20:24 am EST)
Oscar trashed his trash can, and the Bird has flown the coop
Another $25 pledge wasted
Losing faith in humanity.
Poem #431: (1/24/10 7:36:59 pm - 1/29/10 3:18:53 am EST)
I kept driving
Until I crashed with the sun into the horizon
Poem #430: (12/15/09 4:37:39 am - 1/27/10 4:14:26 am EST)
If I roast you a marshmallow, will you make me a pie?
Only if you let me eat you.
But your bitter taste forces me to spit you out
and lust after bile instead, a useful bodily bitterness
that should not be compared to an over-hopped beer.
Poem #429: (12/15/09 4:39:41 am - 1/24/10 7:35:25 pm EST)
Peaches have the biggest pits, and poison at the center.
So said wikipedia, but is it really true?
I disrtrusted the ‘wisdom of the masses’
as I fell into their arms
hearts engulf as lashes viciously parade
around my eyes
Poem #428: (12/15/09 4:35:50 am - 1/24/10 7:32:19 pm EST)
He threw down his gauntlet, then stripped to the waist
baring his breasts
she reciprocated
as she shapes her hips
with her dream of becoming a model
Poem #427: (1/24/10 6:40:48 am EST)
I guess I really used to love him
and if only I knew what what was behind door number two
and if I only knew, only knew, only knew you
I wouldn’t know anyone else but you
fluoroscent sirens climb austere spheres
to shout warnings to the musicians below.
Poem #426: (12/15/09 4:43:11 am - 1/24/10 6:34:17 am EST)
Don’t ask me,. Ask the judge, for a change.
So my question appeared on daytime TV
wondering if this coincidence was the means to be
together again
Poem #425: (12/15/09 4:40:05 am - 1/23/10 6:38:00 pm EST)
I worship the ship, but not the war
I broke the bottle of champagne across her bow
as we sailed into the mist, a virgin ship
came upon us from our rear
beaming catapults renounces virginal air
Poem #424: (12/15/09 4:42:05 am - 1/18/10 5:23:25 am EST)
When you pull the plug in the bathtub, let all the water out
without using gravity
to bring me back to you.
Poem #423: (1/15/10 6:42:06 am EST)
Ladies cross their legs at the ankles only, please
otherwise look at what happens when you or I sneeze
the germs that spread through our souls
are the same ones that
died last week
in bed
Poem #422: (1/10/10 6:16:22 am - 1/15/10 6:39:38 am EST)
A clarinet squeals
a trumpet trumps
a violin when played just after a french horn
the silence after a symphony ends
brings an end to all inspiration
Poem #421: (12/15/09 4:40:46 am - 1/13/10 10:10:02 pm EST)
Just see if I’m kidding: just try, and you’ll see.
Oh, someday you’ll see the light.
But not before darkness becomes merely dawn
and not before my smile turns into a yawn
wake me when its over.
Poem #420: (12/15/09 4:38:35 am - 1/9/10 4:57:42 am EST)
Marvel at the moon, and marvel at the sun
Only one of them is smaller than your thumb
but every one of them is subservient to
their past.
Poem #419: (1/8/10 4:26:28 am EST)
Puppy this and puppy that
cook ‘em up after they get fat
grease oozing from every orifice
should have used bacon fat
but i ate it anyway
ate it anyway last night
and then threw it up in the morning
Poem #418: (12/15/09 4:35:05 am - 12/30/09 10:54:01 pm EST)
Tomatoes, not diamonds, are a girl’s best friend
A girl can’t know the middle part until she knows the end.
The end is lucky; it can see the beginning.
But the way is forward. No matter how great the past has been.
So look not behind you,
but at your behind.
Poem #417: (12/29/09 9:40:06 pm EST)
`Let’s see what’s in there’ you said
in bed
with sweat on my brow, i stare at my pilow
and wait for the El to return
And then wait for Hell to be burned
before we head to the market.
Poem #416: (12/15/09 4:34:47 am - 12/29/09 9:34:06 pm EST)
There’s a rhinoceros wearing your suspenders, babe,
i got you babe
But if by gotten you mean got, then by all means you’ve gotten notten
except God.
Poem #415: (12/20/09 9:50:54 pm EST)
That cactus blooms just once a year, and never when you’re gone
You see it every morning when you sleep out on the lawn.
the wrinkled man, chanting the alphabet
he started with the crooked letters
abetted by the crooked betters
Poem #414: (12/17/09 6:47:58 am EST)
He played the blues on an old back comb
her hand on his knee, his mind on her soul
it’s time to get up, it’s time to bowl
with the bowling ball that crushed your uncle’s head
He’d meant to sail, but ended up bowling that day, instead.
With all the other skinheads.
Poem #413: (12/17/09 6:42:39 am EST)
willy dee
The friendly blue and green embrace of Gaea millions of miles behind me
I will never blink again
I said, as I took out my needle and thread.
And stitched a big smile on the front of my head
so we all could see the large gap between my two front teeth.
Poem #412: (12/16/09 1:28:40 am EST)
If ever I ever I see you again, I
I, you, I, argh; hush, sh!
I me whispered loudly thoughts
thoughts that only street cats could understand
are soon deciphered by rockabilly revivalists
Who are pining for the fjords
Poem #410: (12/12/09 4:32:41 pm EST)
“boop boop da doop,”that’s all I could say
when I saw your boobs, I tell you, hey
cover up o homely one
the one with hair flat as a pancake
and maple syrup eyes
marry me on sunday
and we’ll honeymoon in North Dakota
Poem #409: (12/12/09 4:27:41 pm EST)
a hole is to
I would if i could spell it
but all I can spell is your name
and your favorite color
not blue nor green nor red
nor death nor angels
Poem #408: (12/12/09 4:26:59 pm EST)
The unidentified recording turned out to be
a tape from school sched where young boys used to meet girls to have obscene dates
and then study their english lessons
because r’s and l’s are distinct sounds
we left by the side of the road
scuffing glass pebbles
waiting for the genie to arrive
Poem #407: (12/11/09 4:17:06 am EST)
A shadow in the shape of a pregnant woman’s belly
lurked underneath the three
Poem #406: (12/11/09 4:13:26 am EST)
may i
you might
be on my side forever
or i’ll love you never
or I’ll flick microscopic beings at your face
So fuck off, Joe
just give me some peace.
Poem #405: (12/9/09 5:45:37 am EST)
You make me leak
for a desolation wilderness
a land for the darkness that escapes your lips
as I kiss you at the end of my journey
Poem #404: (12/9/09 5:34:08 am EST)
in my pocket a letter
stained with tears from ages past
when upon it we gazed the crying began anew
draining from our souls, the last drops of sanctity
disappeared down the drain just as we were getting thirsty
Poem #403: (12/8/09 8:28:04 am EST)
I will never forget that lesbian girl in the bar in Breslau
drinks were on the house because she
was on the house, too.
That’s why we call it our home
Home.. a place to die and haunt eternally
Poem #402: (12/8/09 8:26:28 am EST)
Climb to the top of the old oak tree and carve my initials there
said the old handicapped man to me.
“Better you than me”, I replied.
With that, my nemesis died at my feet
Poem #401: (12/6/09 4:39:10 am EST)
Robin in the rain - such a saucy fellow!
Batman warm and dry winks at him so mellow
Robin jealous begins to ponder, betrayal he thinks is evident
alas the betrayal is really a lack of interest
Poem #401: (12/8/09 8:10:37 am EST)
Lay your head on this pillow- it’s stuffed with my hair
I answered you yesterday- that’s not fair
You can’t endure my capacity
Poem #400: (11/30/09 2:18:36 am EST)
‘Keep drawing!’ she shouted
The next card was
nor Tarot, nor ‘Magic: The Gathering’
it’s Thanksgiving time
and the end of this rhyme.
Poem #399: (11/22/09 6:38:01 pm EST)
Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of rye
I emptied out my pocket and looked up at the sky.
Saturated clouds stared falling
over themselves as they watched it rain on our parade
Poem #398: (11/17/09 5:51:00 am EST)
There’s a snake in my boot!
Writhing between my toes
The eels are slippery
keep them in your sight
but out of your life
Poem #397: (11/17/09 12:58:22 am EST)
Raven, raven, blast and crow
- Jesus, man, don’t disturb the show!
Poem #396: (11/17/09 12:52:16 am EST)
It burned
to hell, I can tell.
Poem #395: (11/17/09 12:50:24 am EST)
He sat on the couch
took some coffee, bread, glass of water, pencil and a sheet of paper
took some coffee, bread, glass of water, pencil and a sheet of paper
took some coffee, bread, glass of water, pencil and a sheet of paper
McGyver freed us from our own fears
And we never had to pray again.
Poem #394: (11/17/09 12:47:28 am EST)
Loose trousers and abstinence
led me to believe i had the upper hand
but I only had the upper leg
of a frog to nibble on.
before the doggone dog is gone.
Howgh, I said, amen.
Poem #393: (11/17/09 12:43:24 am EST)
You’ve got to marry the princess, he said
Otherwise, every citizen will know she’s gay!
Poem #392: (11/17/09 12:42:11 am EST)
Ten thousand legos - that and more,
big bad wolf
which fell off the scaffolding
Poem #391: (11/16/09 2:39:26 am EST)
The country mice bring their straw banjos
and play a cool rendition of “For Your Love”
by Jenton Jenkins at 1945
Main Street, Anytown, USA
Zielona Gora, lubuskie, Poland
plots and land for sale
Poem #390:
But not anymore.
It ends now.
holy cow
put on the crown.
Poem #389:
Two hamburgers and an order of fries
And coke and water and hot hot hotty dog
late night clubbing high and mighty
almightiness and power, being the source of energy for the masses; we, the people
all voted for
dropping the democracy.
Poem #388:
Catering to my desires
whipped merangue forms a hard peak
like K9 towering over us at dawn
sun was getting brighter and brighter as we looked up
the definitions and considered using our thesaurus
or the premonitions of the fate that lay before us.
Poem #387:
A red American dog
with a swine flu demeanor
bird flu, 1918 Spanish flu, SARS Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and all the diseases ever invented by doctors
to slow population growth
and cut off children’s heads
and cut off children’s heads
just in time for dinner
Poem #386:
Eight is never enough
to fullfill your dreams
to fullfill your dreams
must one always leave behind
beaming rays of hope
enlightening cities and villages, as our hearts were growing
too large for our bodies
Poem #385:
Oh, what’s it all about?
He said, as i turned myself about.
It’s like a big, red dragon
but not like teenagers playing soccer
more like girls chasing after boys!
Poem #384:
Someone didn’t know
the answer to number eight
is that you never think of
a good ending
Poem #383:
Snails make out
under wet leaves
Looking like laughable lumberjacks
with trees falling all around them
and in the caretaker’s hands, his grandfather’s axe.
We hoped and played before he started work.
And when the work started,
it was time for another layoff
Poem #382:
I have a honey bee in my pocket
and a sweet heart waiting for me back at home
If only this day can go faster…
the next day will surely seem longer
than John Breton ever thought it may do
Poem #381:
My wine glass is empty
because he dumped the wine
now my dress is rouge, when it should have been white
but I continued with the ceremony anyways
and found the true way to my inner soul
on Thursday I nearly lost it again
Poem #380:
I evened things out just as
easy as spreading jelly on toast
skipping breakfast
makes me weak and weary
on a moon so dreary
Poem #379:
zombies are scary and so are you
forgive me i am dead
i hit me in the head
and my rhythm returned
a heavy foot on the bass drum
opened a hole
and out poured
his blood.
Poem #378:
I can’t write a word or two
so i started with three
flea fleas flee
across the stupid sea
on the ocean of forgetfullness
a sea of time
left me bored
Poem #377:
Now there are ten
to help me begin
we all chipped in
to buy a sheet cake
and eat it too.
Poem #376:
The zombie ate my sweatshirt. Alas!
That’s why I knocked his head off with a bass.
Then I wrote a song about it… do ya wanna hear it… it goes like this
Deep Blue thinks harder
Than an empty spoon
full of sugar
Poem #375:
I missed the bus to Moxi
so I got on the one that goes to
Poem #374:
This is the beginning
of the day I buy
some oceanfront property in Arizona
I even had the chance to take it up
to the clouds
Poem #373:
Turn around
to be slapped out of your stupor
and then kissed goodnight
whispering into the dust
returns a tiny echo
Poem #372:
Cynicism is too fragile
That’s why I broke it.
‘cause I needed a fix
and theres no remedy like a warm bagel.
Poem #371:
34 open poems and not one open door
of perception has been closed
to the public forever
Poem #370:
Monkey bars are open til 3 or 4 a.m.
on Friday and Saturday and 2 a.m. on all other nights
I walk with my eyes in my hands
and my feet in your shoes
Poem #369:
Hit it, maestro, hit it
with your best shot
aim a smile for the heart
and hope you don’t miss
Poem #368:
His turquoise ring dragged his whole hand down
The rest of his body followed after
and this repeated until
the end
Poem #367:
It’s time to mow the lawn
time to pick out the dandelions
and let the oboe sing
the final song
Poem #366:
My hair escaped from its hairnet, and sang
a poor rendition of the Castaways only hit
left me speechless
Poem #365:
Play that beat, Mr. DJ!
Records were spinning all morning
but no one was listening so he ended it himself
Poem #364:
my big toe is black
‘cause i run every day
while i wait for someone else to finish one
Poem #363:
Just try me, said the taxi man, so I did.
He tasted so good, i payed him twice the fare
before ending the trip early
Poem #362:
Alas, I see and yet, unknown
feelings deeper down
wandered about waiting
Poem #361:
For always and for never
ever clever
swung about and finished them all
Poem #360:
Terrific. Just great. I’ve never felt better.
He then immediately lapsed into a coma
and the magic showed up
glittering faithfully before night fell
and the day ended
Poem #359:
Shellfish ain’t kosher and neither are you
I gave Spongebob a quick retaliatory kick but he absorbed it quite readily
I reeled as I was thrown out of my TV - into reality
I reeled as I was thrown out of my TV - into reality
Daisy helped me off the floor just as Boss Hogg entered the room
and ended it before someone else could
Poem #358:
Call me a dreamer for lost words
are not found without
an ending
Poem #357:
Where is that heart-fluttering
message that left me free
to finish them all off
Poem #356:
Bike up to the top, then coast all the way down
Then we’ll head up the coast for a picnic
Where we’ll fall on love under the rising moon
we covered it completely with our ambiguous bodies
Where we’ll fall on love under the rising moon
a better way of meeting her we couldn’t hope for more
except maybe for someone else to end it
Poem #355:
A white box with a grey button, is this how it starts?
is this the way to open my black heart?
No, this is the way to Santa Fe
When I got there, I ended it all myself
Poem #354:
Magnicat! Magnify! Make the damn thing bigger!
His order of Enzyte couldn’t get here fast enough
it proved potent– enough to leave wood floor scuffs–
at-a-boy Luther!
Poem #353:
My eyes can’t blink or I’ll miss moments, so I hold my lids open with small wooden scafolds
the window washers looked at me and were baffled
because i had to end it myself
Poem #352:
Fingerprints and and a bloodstained carpt
were fished from the scene
without a hook
Poem #351:
Stroll by the river, stroll down to the sea
swim into the night
and end it all
Poem #350:
I’d love to break bread with you, my dear
and drink that in remembrance of
is dead and gone
he left his name
and a clever sign
told me to finish it myself
Poem #349:
My Brother Bob was bad to drink
of life’s sad, exquisite potion
freedom from a foggy notion
freedome from sticky sun lotion
coloures a sun soaked skin
because i forgot the tanning butter
Poem #348:
Button up your overcoat without using your hands.
Then recite the Lord’s Prayer without using your tongue
and end it in unison all by yourself
Poem #347:
A lego car? An armo car? Hey, brother, what the heck?
Drive me where I need to go
And leave me there
to rot
like vegetables
that i finished off myself
Poem #346:
Bunny, bunny, bunny-love
sounds like [re]public of banality
B for Bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
Bananas make me happy? And what about the apples?
The doctor stayed well away from the apples
But did the doctor stay well?
No, he was diagnosed with
a compusive concern for dust, using a microscope he’d examine all he could fine, labeling each according to their DNA.
Dr. Livingston, I presume.
Poem #345:
Open up in there, or we’ll blow the house down
And I kept silent for to taste that nosens
would only confuse me more
could never even the score
which was odder than the sun at night
or a weasel on a boat
Poem #344:
Butterscotch sucks and root beer does too
That’s why i was looking forward to visiting the candy store
because ladies love a candy shop.
Poem #343:
Everything has got to end, even parking lots.
Day becomes night, joy becomes sorrow, life becomes death.
mourning starts it all over again
the cycle of pain
is an ever blossoming color
next to a pleasant pool of various memories
Poem #342:
Once upon a time and twice more roudn the bend
I pray with twisted hands
wring my wrists against the wrath of god
or perhaps our hands creating Yod
formed from clay
mud pies in the summer sun
Poem #341:
arms outstretched gently span our souls
and capture a wave like gravity
irrevocably changes what escapes its’ pull
for even light shall become dark
and odd light shall simply disappear
before being replaced by another, just as bright
Poem #340:
I shall stir no shit forever
only momentarily, for I am
nothing but sand, creeping, creeping…
then slowly I turned
something was creeping up behind me
intruding on my noontime peanutbutter sandwich
leaves nothing but a sticky mess
one that cannot be easily licked from fingers
Poem #339:
I write to tell the truth
but only for a lie
or a cubic zirconium
with a blistering gaze.
Poem #338:
Something witty
replaces something pretty
with something lost
green with envy
the last drop of dew.
Poem #337:
We have learned our lesson once and for all
day long striving flatness of mind
boredom into the night
i went to the park looking for a fight
what i found was
a diamond
is waiting for a friend
Poem #336:
sneezing refridgerator wake me up in the midle of crack
addicts withdrawl
pathetically crawl
into an open wound
into an open wound
a forgotten place
Poem #335:
whistling questions
dealing in pyramid schemes, strange investments
and geothermal heating systems
creating waves of destruction
over the bones on the bottom of the sea
which are still arguing in the blue darkness
Poem #334:
shred of light hug up my gaze
whilst quickly hiding in this maze
i hoped to find myself
perhaps up on the highest shelf
where a thick coating of dust covers the
dormant heart of generations
awakens at the slightest touch
Poem #333:
The Steward and the Jester, they knew her the best
but the miller told us otherwise
his miller’s grip so like a vise
crushed my heart
into millions of pieces
like an infinite jigsaw puzzle
Poem #332:
I’ll see you at your funeral- but honey, until then
pot of sweetnes let’s you dream
honey gleam, and stardust beam
helps the pain subside
even though we die.
Poem #331:
Perfectly imperfect, I’m told
not to not make any mistakes
oh, darlin’, you don’t know how my heart quakes
yes i do. i’ve studied cardiology in school
arteries and veins! yay!
Poem #330:
Salon colada, in play today
provide us with a
as wee provide you with b
Whine complain!
My rant continues….
azul verde amarillo y rojo
all the colors I saw when you knocked me out flat
i lay there until
i died
Poem #329:
Breeze tugs amply molecular
finds my mind
in a maze of monsters
In the days of mobsters
when happy hlopster-hlobsters eat my
flesh, I begin to
look away.
Then forget.
Poem #328:
There must be some day when her heart will be mine
Like red potatoe I’m tasting now
and as i eat i think about that “e”
resting at the end of appetite so silently.
We had apple pie for dessert.
Poem #327:
Paisley is the shape of things to come
around and look on some
for the glory of the rear end
and the shame of the face
of the clock on the wall
the hands they spun forever
immortal soul
kick it, baby, kick it, straight into the goal
it wasn’t a perfect shot, but it slipped right past the keeper
Poem #326:
canvas shoes carry feather
marble clouds are the weather
chiseled from the forgotten stone
mortar and pestle grind it to dust
sprinkle it over a
cloud, sprinkle it over a
sec vine
or bitter beer
some think it queer, I hear
to finish before the main course
Poem #325:
What the heck’s the problem with this goldanged telephone?
the phone take a conversatinon with oneself on the bookshelf
preferably next to the dictionary
Where I can look up 500 curses just for you
at the library of my soul
Poem #324:
Empty boxes for Christmas
Fine romance this is
never the solution
always the problem
Poem #323:
cloned clown deep down on reaped paper
children hide beneath the stairs
making all the household wares
feel so insecure
Poem #322:
A minstrel in a court one day
stood on a box and began to play
until the end of the tiresome day
I gave him a shiny lemon
and five dollars in change
flinching in spool
sewing it shut
Poem #321:
I sit here in a placid shadow
Stacking bricks to form bumpkins
a wavering line of pumice
extends to infinity
Like God loves the trinity
as angular roundness infinitely perfect
can only be a point
Poem #320:
Blood is exceedingly sticky
like honey
dripping hot and buttery from a biscut.
hot and buttery? Better not risk it!
just act as single movement ask of you
and finish with a three part intervention
Poem #319:
I am a stranger to myself
and a friend to others
who treats us solemnly like kindred brothers
this sens breed down on roots of heart
a tuber pulled for my sanity
Poem #318:
The lacquer is leaking
Or not
like your spontanety
is so non-extant
that i don’t know what it means
Poem #317:
secrets, she said,
i heard something else
was it about a porno?
no, it was about my
get back my next step
before I need it
Poem #316:
There are toes in pairs just ahead, big ones,
to love and care for, forever.
I caress your beautiful feelings
like moonlight, just barely touching your pallid face.
melting into the darkness…
and dripping over
our lower caste, a bluebird’s song impaled
our lower caste, a bluebird’s song impaled
on the devils trident
where al the saints are strident
up, as arrow ringing turn at sky
ended up in Albuquerque
Poem #315:
He walks alone
without her limbs and
head and eyes and soul
of a fish
Poem #314:
In the sun she stared blankly and blindly
Or reality check?
I’ll ask the bank
for a lone
dog and bone, ah me, for a bone
and fleshy shred like hypnotic red
spinning in the limelight
a doe-eyed dancer with a gun.
Poem #313:
two roads diverged in a yellow wood
(Frost is food for the lost)
and no escape from clamping bracket
the beligerent gorilla gloomed at the thought of no escape
pounding against the cage, he let out a roar
exuding all his rage, as he robbed an Arab’s liquor store
and dropped – dead as Jesus – to the floor.
Poem #312:
I saw the sea through the hole in your back
My cousin was there, skipping on the sand,
laughing at time and the pulpo man
left without saying
and grindigsteps increasingly fade of like grain of sand clock
and grindigsteps increasingly fade of like grain of sand clock
and grindigsteps increasingly fade of like grain of sand clock
and grindigsteps increasingly fade of like grain of sand clock
and grindigsteps increasingly fade of like grain of sand clock
blue sax alums � a fit of prisms blown apart
Poem #311:
ha ha ha the joke is on me
memories noise their voice
and leave breadcrumbs
on grass, like braird groving slieces in the rain
braird? slieces??
Starange happenenings…
Poem #310:
Bite down hard and this wont hurt
my woozy consciousnes
ascends the blue stairs
Poem #309:
Biscuits in the oven; gonna watch em rise
down in my stomach wishees
for your sweet love.
Oh, baby!
Poem #308:
Out with the Banal
I cry
because of thirst
we perish.
Poem #307:

little ants of gotham.
Poem #306:
I found your baby words buried in the garden
they woke up and smiled at me
i looked at them and left without speaking
lost in kimino blind and afterthoughts
all the people find
their quiet peace of mind
slide down on my legs
little ants of gotham.
Poem #305:
Upheld on a slant, oddly I
fell into an awkward position,
and blushed crimson red.
an uncomfortable chair waits on your doorstep
Take it.
Or leave it.
in the dark
in the dark
side of lightenig - you mean?
yes, but without meaning
Poem #304:
She fills me with blind rage, and I till can’t turn the page
for a while in many pieces
Poem #303:
Number one is nothing
and two is even less
than one
only in a dream so small
like dronign sea, because of water drop rub…
Poem #302:

б�а� - with whom I share my own body
Poem #301:
You could have told you wanted to stay.
But, forlorn, you walked away
and sat on the moss, trying not to think of me.
That brat, my boss, trying not to think of me
б�а� - with whom I share my own body
Poem #300:
I’m sorry, but you’ve been discontinued
make way for this year’s model
a prom dress and a sneer
He gives her a leer
but she ignores him.
Therefor he is alone… but he likes that better than
marmalade on toast
lands jelly side down
and destroys the whole town.
Poem #299:
Did you ever look at ice and notice
fuck you
thank you
Poem #298:
Listen to the sound of your voice
It’s obvious you don’t
And it’s quite clear that you won’t.
Sign the petition.
Or we’ll cut off your head!
Poem #297:
The banks only open at night now
and everyone’s 9-to-5 on Sunday
a time to remain alive until Monday
tell my why
why the sky is blue
tell me why the sky is blue
tell me why the sky is blue. Tell me why the cows go moo.
Poem #296:
When you write a line, do you take your time?
Or do you quickly improvise on your inspiration?
No, I hide ideas away until they may be used
or turned into a paper crane
I rip apart like a
products. The trees die for us
on christmas day.
Poem #295:
I hear the blossoms bursting
those flower bombs that scent the air
with nectar perfume and petal flair
the perfume she likes best in her hair
smells like she spilled it on the floor
and we watched it continue on out the door
I had to clean up its sluggish hue
every day.
Poem #294:
Bees and snails and corn stalk tails
that is what Wall Street tycoons are made of
and little girls as well.
The harmonic air casts a spell
silence, silence, silence
drons the memories in my mind
and leaves emptiness in my heart
Poem #293:
Man Ray, the undernourished goat-sucker,
we’re going to die.
surely we are
Poem #292:
I don’t believe I’ll ever get it
silence that is, and peace that was
Poem #291:
I see, therefore I Be
a lemon apple tree
is a strange sight to see.
this time is the last I’ll ever
have to stay away from you, so kiss me once
or kiss me twice
or sweet repose be the death of me
Poem #290:
kiwis and papayas all
have similar
Poem #289:
never comes
to my door
and up the stairs.
Poem #288:
yellow blue red
colors stand in your stead
holding blessed drops in their hands
which evaporate and leave
prints on the AC
tell us we’re not the first
But tell us we are not the last
Poem #287:
If I had a thousand hours to spend with you
I’d spend lots of time in the bathroom
to get my makeup and hair just right.
Poem #286:
Of anything, I wish I could be her
If not, at least, I wish I could see her
once more before I go to
Poem #285:
The shadows are stolen from me, but I love them. What to do?
Should I stand up and fight or fade to black?
a decision is peering over each shoulder
each will lead down a different path
but each leads towards a single way
we’ll walk it towards this breaking day
take off its leash
and don’t turn back.
Poem #284:
i would erenade you in Chocolate
and lither cross the loor
Past ladies dressed in whitened lace
with blackened soot across their face
is a form of
ice cream that tastes deliciously tasty
Poem #283:
I wish my homework was asexual
So that it would be a sexual minority.
But they didn’t take care of the majority
And now look who has to pay.
Poem #282:
currently nineteen, the pigglets watch and wait
bacon yet? we’ll fight!
for endless amounts of breakfast foods.
the bulk of it all bends my shopping cart
but the person ahead of me is fumbling with his orange juice…
and the train is shuffling away
(i love you only.)
Poem #281:
bulwark cried the genuflected corpse
Would you like some strawberries?
disgruntled fruits pile into your cakes
and grumble about the lack of juice
as devil curses what the deuce
as devil curses what the deuce
I’ll be right back; please stroke the moose
but he never returned and the moose
cried gooseberries into the rabbit’s paw
Poem #280:
Why are you wasting this??
it’s too good to be true…
kiss me first then I’ll kiss you
return the favor ‘till tomorrow
or perhaps I might forget and borrow
the many rivers of bliss and sorrow
reflect your heart until tomorrow
my mirror eyes are waiting
Poem #279:
You are
A butterfly
married a moose
Poem #278:
My sapling has grown a leaf
Flakes of dandruff fall around me
I ate too too many scallops
and had to lie sick on the beach
next to a stranded jellyfish
Poem #277:
What do you see when you look up at the clouds?
An unending kingdom of light floating above
clouds with silver lining
are cashed in for
soft, pink teddy bears
drinking milk from your hand
never satisfies my thirst
Poem #276:
we store our selves on shelves, for future reference
and never look back until it’s too late
you’ll cry into your pillow
Poem #275:
Sort the keys
for the gatekeeper
and his mistress
o the sweet lady
o the sweet lad
Poem #274:
Making a name
isn’t easy.
And although I hate to admit it,
I really do miss you.
Poem #273:
a skoo a skoo
the hen clucks to you
cluck the duck said the hen
then she wrote down the number with her pen
and stuck it in his eye.
Poem #272:
Oodles of eggs to go around.
But no silverware…
So let’s go to KFC for sporks
Then watch a funny movie on the couch
And fall asleep halfway through
Because that’s what I wish to do
For you.
Poem #271:
A shiny apple off a tree
often smiles and says to me
go away you weirdo
I specifically asked for a beer, so
return this glass of lemonade
and give me creatice juice instead.
Poem #270:
I am a complacent jar of mellow
jelly. Ready to be spread on your
toast of choice
Here’s to you, then, old Marmalade,
It’s been grand; but quite clichéd
Poem #269:
can an elephant go up stairs?
no, but he can play a piano for you
and recite a riot act
A diet of facts
starves the heart.
Poem #268:
catch a frog in the garden gate
invite him to a tea party and feed him cake
then off with his head!
And off with his wavering left foot!
Poem #267:
toast ‘em, roast ‘em, coast ‘em, boast ‘em!
and most of all don’t forget to
feed the fish and pet your pet
there can be no more wholesome form of revolution!
Poem #266:
Stupid line you, messed you my poo!
i had one on my goat
a saddle for me, a pouch for you
to store all the gum wrappers you collected off the street
or the sea shells you found on the beach
Every single one of them screaming to be saved from the storm.
Poem #265:
Padded boxes made for this
bubble wrapping here assists
shhets of feathers
flying away.
Poem #264:
coral trees, and castles deep
all are in my soul to keep
I protect them with fire and ice
we will never do our best
so give it a rest.
Poem #263:
a duplicate of that copy
of the copy of the facsimile
so smile!
Poem #262:
I’m kind of tired of you
so I’ll just rest here ‘till you leave
cause you know what? I don’t care.
as much as I love the world, what matters?
Poem #261:
Look me in the eye.
And tell me that you mean it.
Feels so right and true, I could hold it in my hands; this love.
could drink it, sliding down my throat, through my fingers
out my toes and into my ripped socks

Poem #260:
You steam my broccoli!
I will burn the bacon.
you had the last laugh
but I had the first smile
and the last laugh
Poem #259:
the french are back
they are waiting to cook their toast for you
Call now!
The phone is all that’s left.
Are you hungry? Eat it.
Slow talking works best at this part
impatient beautiful friend
Poem #258:
Strum a smile
on the corner of Queen Street
I sat down and ate my bread
the crumbs made a mess on the floor
Poem #257:
ROllerblades can HUrt your KNees
and they can break your CAPS lock
Dang, that complicated?
I cut my hands on my broken heart
Poem #256:
I would serenade you in Chocolate
Poem #255:
come and catch this butterfly
don’t touch her dusty wings–she could die
let her fly to the heavens, the sky
and make some brownies.
It’s all that I can hope to do
when it all falls apart and there’s nothing left
get some glue and put it together
it will repay you in kindness
Poem #254:
Be careful when you end art
It might end you.
Poem #253:
cold fingertips are your frame
how I long to warm them
their happy little faces
Poem #252:
the chambered nautilus toils in his shell
trying to eat his chinese food
his chopsticks disagree with the noodles
“Oh no!” Cries the rice.
You’ve disturbed the geometric setup!
The image plane! What have you done to it!?
All is askew, a picture perfect scene of bedlam
Poem #251:
pray do not scare the bagworms;
tender morsels, nurtritious too
feed your soul a carrot
and maybe some peas
in a can
That’s where grape juice comes from, right?
I’d like to know what I’m drinking…
Poem #250:
Let me write you a song.
The first note would be a middle sea
Glistening on your horizon
Barely enough to see. I watch the last light slip away.
Poem #249:
¿Dondé esta mis pantalones?
“Senator, please!”
cried the seamstress
the needles dropped into her lap
She picks up the quilt and continues, following the stream of thread
She pricks herself, ever so slightly and a scarlet drop of blood descends onto a patch of quilt, a patch as white a fresh winter snow.
Poem #248:
This is how love at first sight feels.
Or so they said.
nothing can be for sure, like the winter
which is unchanging and steady, a perfect routine
One single metronome in the song of life.
sings out for all to hear.
Poem #247:
in 43 minutes it will be mikhail gorbechev’s birthday
We will make a buttercream cake.
the soft frosting will serve as our shelter
a birthday wish for better days
a birthday wish for better days
comes true with a little magic.
Poem #246:
The socks are officially off.
If not for my skinny jeans, it wouldn’t have taken so long
I can’t fit my feet inside them. Sorry.
Could I return them for a bigger size plz?
Poem #245:
Ai my papaya you are a sweet
bestow your fruit on me
a pear and plum, all filled with sun
Poem #244:
Formidable expense you ravish
Uninhabitable clotheslines
too drippy for my thin face
the golden liquid flows through me like sunlight.
I pull the shades closed
and roll over to dream again
Poem #243:
It’s all over with.
what 2 do?
will somebody answer me?
Poem #242:
your words are riddles
your smiles are rhymes
your laughter, in verse
your laughter, in verse
would be a Shakesperean sonnet.
talk at me.
we can talk for hours on end. about…wheat thins.
ooh, wheat things.
Poem #241:
Tossing gumballs
eating quarters
baking halves
a salty warm cashew
do become friends with the peanut; you make me smile.
Poem #240:
Shecky, is that you? Wazzup?!
um, hhai, Genki… nothing much, how about you?
I am writing a masterpiece.
Poem #239:
don’t judge me ‘cause i’m purple!
i don’t know if i need to do what i do
but i do it anyway. for you,
nothing is too much.
Poem #238:
Let fire taste your sex of
women, of wholesome palms toward the sky
mother of gaia
son of a gun
i lost my keys
Poem #237:
the peaches are ripe and the sun’s come out
the bees are ecstatic, the clouds have shied away
remember–the bees sting, and the sun it burns
but my heart forever yearns
my sodden clothing clings to me how I wish to cling to you
so please let me in.
Poem #236:
you’re the one they call the buffoon
cutting lemons with your spoon.
You can plant tulips in your room
Stay a while, watch them bloom,
your crops are ours
so hand them over.
Poem #235:
the bell of the prison church rang as the murderer died hahaha. good
the bell of the prison church rang as the murderer died hahaha. good
finally my revenge!
A quirk of quarks, delicious cucumber.
Poem #234:
hello little girl. please take a seat.
listen to tales, sweet and sour
passing by, each fleeting hour,
save a tree and plant a flower
then go look for seeds of imagination
they were planted sixteen years ago
now your blossoms blown away, but don’t fret
I have a spoon.
Poem #233:
my material hybrid car is worn out and dirty
and so are my shoes
i need some new laces, bright blue or deep red
to wrap around my weary-made head
a turban of concrete guilt.
Poem #232:
The sun!
It shines just as bright as I remember.
Still helping me to grow my happiness,
the star flashing strips you of your leaves
naked for bandits
for they have stripped my clothes
and left me nothing but my voice.
Poem #231:
there’s less air in warm water
which will suffocate this Ocean’s Daughter
she with the breasts of dew forming into a pack of wolves
chews multifarious gum
Poem #230:
ode to opposable thumbs
now open this can for me.
Poem #229:
Don’t you want to be on the moon?
We can sail among the stars.
transcend the smog of cars
and then cut your hand with a ray of freedom
setting at liberty your heart with it’s life in its hand
setting at liberty your heart with it’s life in its hand
Poem #228:
A black, a Byss
No one around here ever hopes, anyway.
Only lullabies and babies crying
the white of a moon that fades to nothing
against the curve of my back
I could not stand up nor sit down.
Poem #227:
Is this really what it comes down to?
I think you might be right about that dress after all.
It’s much too small.
Poem #226:
sweet lingering night
a little longer please, mr. milkmoth.
Poem #225:
i Am JeLLo
watch me wiggle to and fro
watch me jiggle to the flow
up the street and down the road
up the street and down the road
find a fairy and catch a toad
lay beneath the redwood branches and smell the red earth
Poem #224:
A princess can’t do that.
A lobster can
crabs do it better
and yet an ostriches brain is smaller than its eye. still…
like their eggs our huge brains we fry
Poem #223:
Other people?
no one would believe it
no one but the great mother
Poem #222:
Don’t end! This cannot end!
Catch it before it slips away, or the moment will be lost in the satin!
It tries to evade your weary eyes,
but soon it is stuck in the marshmallows
if we roast them till they are just right then perhaps we’d make some progress
Poem #221:
We’ve got to find a new way.
let our troubles fly away
how about we eat some pie.
Poem #220:
Red roses grow
among the midnight reign of self indulgence
he covered
he covered
he covered
Poem #219:
despicable lemons.
strawberries still sweeter
than a summer rain.
Poem #218:
Want to share this italian soda?
but my heart held back the pen.
So I cried tears of ink instead
this delirium never ends.
all i need is a jawbreaker of prozac
and then i can rest my head.
Poem #217:
Want to share this italian soda?
but my heart held back the pen.
So I cried tears of ink instead
this delirium never ends.
please hand me a glass of water
Poem #216:
your father… what was his name?
Nobody ever found out.
where will they run next?
start the stopwatch
lest you forget the time again
can’t the clock see for itself?
the time has come for an end
Poem #215:
I do intend to take a dump
on your plate.
Poem #214:
You stupid poo! You messed up my lines!
I was supposed to be the star!
But that pig came and took it away from me.
But that pig came and took it away from me.
Why is SHE the one that gets to glitter?
Stupid little child.
Poem #213:
my bedroom door is ajar, Alex
your mouth is agape, Alex
close it, before a bug flies in.
Poem #212:
I’m picking up a radio transmission
through my tin hat and tight wire.
Poem #211:
the sun flows in through the window pane
I almost forgot my name
he then hid behind the leaves
falling back onto the eaves
the classroom floor fell down to hell, all the grey tiles.
the children won’t learn their lessons today, will they?
we might as well give them a guitar
they’ve got nothing else left anyway.
Poem #210:
we used to open up chocolate cakes like a piggy bank
and let the crumbs sustain us
and get us through another week here
can I borrow a piece of paper?
I need to write my last wishes.
with the pen used by everyone
we started to write a song
but then it ended.
Poem #209:
You stupid poo! You messed up my lines!
Poem #208:
pizza pizza -money - money
and then we robbed the delivery guy
with a baseball bat
i am a cat on mat
Now what do you say to that?
That’s going to take some time to figure out.
In the meantime, I’ll order take out and carve some chopsticks on the porch.
In the meantime, I
In the meantime, I’ll watch my reflection in the revolving door of the Chinese restaurant.
So just keep on, headstrong, but don’t forget to feed the catfish.
They are allergic to conceit.
better not get too close.
we may not make it out alive.
So you must know, margaret: I’ve always loved you. Always.
margaret, the name that sounds a trumpet in my soul.
let us tell you our story.
it begins with once upon a time.
but it shall end with a birthday cake
and begin once more with a kiss.
Poem #207:
dear valentine,
won’t you be mine?
to hum with the bees
and eat grapes in the trees
couldn’t we do these things together?
I would gladly give up my heart.
Poem #206:
My ‘95 sedan ran over a man.
His beautiful corpse lay caressed by the sand.
She softly kissed and held his lifeless hand
and the band began to play
Poem #205:
baby spat up on the bedspread this morning
then lay down and died, and wasted away.
Poem #204:
he aimed the camera towards the supermodel
and she flashed a simile, like a magpie with a toothache
so i flashed a metaphor back, a calm and quiet lake.
I lay upon the lillypads
contemplating little nothings
my brain is full.
but yours is empty.
would you care for a glass of wine?
Poem #203:
A list of everything, that’s what I need
say those words again
and again, and again
the vending machine still owes me three dollars
Poem #202:
NIHIL and the empires falling
A modern-day Rome
stucco walls surround us
and sudden deaths confound us.
Please let go.
I’ve a gila monster in my handbag.
Poem #201:
we run ‘round like hens with their heads cut off
staggering left and then right
skipping lines and punctuating
hoping to gain contol
that retro 50’s fabric might be our ticket out of here
they don’t make that pattern anymore
they don’t make that pattern anymore
no time time to fix it again
it’s been fixed too many times already
But there is no harm in fixing it again.
Poem #200:
the laundry’s finished, the chords diminished
my wardrobe renewed, I’ll go play a fugue.
Poem #199:
the flashlight dimmed a bit as the sun came up
and the moon went down in the lingering sunrise
as he whispered “goodbye”.
Poem #198:
Tired, falling, waiting.
haggard, running, hating
let’s stop debating, and write a poem
let’s lay our differences on the table and let them intertwine.
in and out and in and out
calming the senses.
Poem #197:
what do we say
to the drunken sailor
i said “get a job”
she said “get a life”
so I took hers.
Poem #196:
I think that I shall never “Z”
a poem lovely as “I”
a thought bright as lemon meringue. Your favorite right?
Indeed I love meringue.
Don’t we all?
at least we’ve got chocolate ice cream in the freezer
Poem #195:
You are on hold.
i better pick up the dry-cleaning tomorrow
i forgot last week and the week before
and the week before that
when can we have our quiet time?
when can we have our pantomime?
there’s an empty warehouse near the vatican
wanna get it on?
let’s make a baby
Poem #194:
I’m all sewn up
a rag doll sitting in the flowers
smiles as a honey bee sips a tulip
Poem #193:
The space descends into Earth
the water transcends into birth
water and love
we are a lovely bed and a moai statue
sitting in a long-forgotten room
across from the scullery
murky water lingers in the gutter
hello little cnidarian, I love you.
Poem #192:
Feeble foie gras
bring the spoon to your grandmother’s mouth
but she doesn’t see it
we’re indivisible
Poem #191:
catch the out of controll
all-night radio radio rumbll
psychadelic purple patterns passing placidly through the past
quickly quiver through the queen’s qwerty looking glass
looking for a woman standing on her head
Poem #190:
Gala keeps calling and crying
calves that mewl for their porridge
chickens cutting something up for soup
smells like grandma’s cod liver oil
tastes like Rice Crispies
snap, crackle, pop.
Poem #189:
Nihil rising as dust
He coalesces into a new king
and brings the day to night
to the dark unknown
the rain drops are gonna fall
but still I will love you.
Poem #188:
It’s fantastic.
Mind if I take a tiny taste?
Mind if I lay your mind to waste?
stuck in cement with barely room to breathe? what an end.
please start the jack hammer and hand me some ear plugs.
Poem #187:
See the stars falling over Brixton
i’ll kiss your nanny tomorrow
but find myself still standing here
unable to breath, transfixed
I suppose I should head to bed
I suppose I should head to bed.
Poem #186:
Models on the edge
fall through the runway. stiletto heels and long nails painted
in pink and orange stripes, like an exotic zebra
can we wait for the zoo to come?
I need to throw this animal cracker at the dolphins.
But the fence is too high.
Poem #185:
If I could, I would
desafecto o el eterno retorno de los apegos caducos, sigo no entendiendo el guión de los estruendos
that might be nice.
I want to make a tax-deductible donation
To the beauty of your smile
I guess I’ll stay a while.
Poem #184:
In Teresting
Rec Tangle
Poly? Gone.
Poem #183:
Please tell me a secret
I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.
heck no, elizabeth
This isn’t the way,
isn’t the way to go day by day
Poem #182:
Deep in the granular subconscious,
where always there is a sifting and a shifting,
while my eyes are there
where you don’t want them to be
they will always stay
and you may never say: I like your style.
But I’ll still haunt you.
we would make a nice couple, wouldn’t we?
Poem #181:
69 Chevy with a 396
it’s time to ride with the concrete
over waves of gasoline
Under the bridge
i don’t want this horrid taste in my mouth anymore
Poem #180:
mphrrrrrrxt? ntlmnttg mrfh
thant wzas my cat peeing on my co puter
Disgusting and not very helpful
that’s just like you, isn’t it?
Poem #179:
in the midst of January, a deep winter chill
so deep it forms icebergs in one’s core
red cardinals will sing a few melodies
red cardinals will sing a few melodies
to the carousel horses
ride the path until we can’t sing anymore
Poem #178:
The ruby evades to the soul
like the emerald runs to the sea
like the diamond flickers into the night
we have heard that story before.
Poem #177:
Did you see the lights on the ground?
Did you see waves of grass in the sky?
Poem #176:
Hear the departure 2012
Hear the rumbling in the sidewalk
as the party gets louder
the DJ get prouder
the DJ get louder.
Poem #175:
will I cut the strings?
Will I torture the beauty of the strings?
Or will she pluck them gently with a chicken bone?
Or someone will go hungry
Poem #174:
my dear
my love
take me now
or leave me forever
or leave me forever
as the point shot comes a flying
flying past my bedroom window
a seventeen year old transsexual smiles. magenta lipstick and a hardon
all I need to get through the week.
Poem #173:
When youre climbing up a ladder, and you hear that heavy splatter
onomatopoeia! (thpfft) onomatopoeia! (thpfft)
voiceless dental fricative! (thhhh) voiceless dental fricative! (thhhh)
I am frightened.
Poem #172:
in the still of the night there a bump and mule
ash falling like dandruff on Spokane
The fire lit for Gaia never fair
The flower derelicts upon the stair
And rests to slowly die there.
Poem #171:
. . . . . . . .
I’ll wait forever
until the sun does die
we shall live as the moon.
Poem #170:
Do you often dream about ladies in despair?
their sunset peach vaginas yearning
it smelt a bit like plagiarism. I’m sorry sir.
Poem #169:
What is this room
What is this town
and why do I stay
still the question that remains
still the question that remains
…that is to say: “Who is the real father?”
Poem #168:
We are pioneers of intangible spaces
We are the barbed wire at the edge of chaos
so rubber ducky stay close and I’ll add a bit more hot water.
Poem #167:
Man Ray slips through the window at dawn
shattering a delicious dream
Hypnos’s hysteria, Oneiros’s scream
someone put this thought out of its misery
Poem #166:
She knocked Larry down , and he couldn’t prove it
She had a good case and he couldn’t move it.
He had good intentions and he couldn’t prove it.
He had a good mind, but he couldn’t use it.
because it was locked with the corset of capitalism.
Poem #165:
Jackrabbits and anteaters
Tangled in a net
expecting the same fate
the same fate as yesterday’s used sporks
so I better finish my term paper. I’ll recycle it later.
because who knows?
Poem #164:
When the steam shovel didn’t show up
the nightingale screamed
and the headmaster beamed
the small child spelled “soup” correctly
Poem #163:
Th stream was running fast
It almost got away from me
like the day
i’ll open your letter with a smile. I’ll send you that goldfish too.
Poem #162:
The smoke dances
above the house we built of fire
There were ashes for christus
and a large black soup pot to place them in
add to the hell’s firey din
Poem #161:
I wonder where Dali went?
and if he’s coming back
I can stand upon the crack…
or fall into the abyss of guilt
Poem #160:
caught in a net
making bet after bet after bet. Nonsense
was a sore loser
a poor sport
fighting for his life in a fort
made of snow and slush
Poem #159:
The radio crackles on
voices and sounds from a distant place
voices and sounds from a distant place
but wait, we’re there already
–why did we ever stop?
Poem #158:
All hands in the chatroom
Humpty Dumpty down the stairs
I didn’t do it I wasn’t even there
The spirits conjured out of my hair
Lighthouse dreams are never fair…
Poem #157:
four score and seven years ago
our forefathers messed up big-time
our forefathers messed up big-time
our forefathers messed up big-time
Eloquent errors, mistakes and decline…
Poem #156:
There are two kinds of poetry: silly and serious
and finding the precise intersection
of racing minds
and crashing cars
skidding, falling, ending.
Skating over to the next pond
(the ice is thicker there)
Poem #155:
An owl and a pussy cat went to sea
without an approved flotation device
my soul flounders amidst
my soul flounders amidst
the cabbages, and I am mere bok choy.
the cabbages, and I am mere bok choy.
but please go easy on the MSG
Or put your love where I can see…
Poem #154:
late night clock blink, wink
thinks the ink
the pen after a drink
poised like scribe before the mirror
Poem #153:
sharp skate on crystal fast and glint
go further then the lake
For your own sake, go beyond the stream too
And never look back or the famine devours you
Poem #152:

It all ended then in execution
Poem #151:
Megafaucets and tedium
Each day, more plumbing and prosecution
It all ended then in execution
Poem #150:

all that’s left is to die alone
Poem #149:
what do we say
when there’s noone home
all that’s left is to die alone
Poem #148:
The rain falls for belladona
Softly running down her face
I couldn’t bear the smell of it
I couldn’t bear the smell of it
Poem #147:
Poem #146:
For once I’d like to take a shit in peace
without all this poetry coming out.
Poem #145:
toenail clippings scattered across the floor
Oh sorry, I’ll clean that up in a bit
but the broom is on fire
sweeping with flames is a good solution
if your floor isn’t flammable
Poem #144:
There once was a corpse from Nantucket
From his grave a bone he snuck it
From his grave a bone he snuck it
And the coffin lines were claustrophobic
Poem #143:
Immense earnings in Canadian pharmaceuticals
and things that make things larger
and make large things smaller
and if you act now
The world will tear itself apart…
The world will tear itself apart…
Poem #142:
Beef in the shape of an oxymoron
vomit at home in the thin air
Poem #141:
I’ll the cracked skin of your tired handswill rest in peace.
Poem #140:
my mother likes engines
my father likes aprons
my mother likes men
Poem #139:
i love youand i you
Poem #138:
oh look, a one line poem that wasn’t written by me
best of all, it isn’t self-referential
like those horrible meerkats
ride on a horse.
Poem #137:
Hilda grew a builder, stong wild and ginger,
Then held her breath, assuming
she was near the end
This poem is too.
Poem #136:
There is sand between my toes, and
eels in my bum
paper cuts on my nose
and on my lip from sealing a letter to you
a snail licks up its own slick trail.
Poem #135:
say you miss me?it’s true, right?
Poem #134:
go and seek, find, return with
doughnuts for the laborers
diamond turtles for the coming dawn.
Poem #133:
Je t’aime.
The most beautiful words I may ever hear.
Fall so softly upon my ear.
like a 95lb mortar round through a cloud
like a 95lb mortar round through a cloud
or that time she wouldn’t say yes
Poem #132:
Let’s try to make this poem as long as possible
keep going, keep going; don’t come to an end
doooooooooo that
start the motor yet
stop the flow of time.
Poem #131:
i miss you
i wish you
and i need you here now
without you i will fall
isnt it funny how lost we get?
isn’t it funny how we never get found?
Poem #130:
angle,meaning or faults
going on and on and on
till abruptly it en–
Poem #129:
your cold hand on my cheek
Poem #128:
lights dim
thoughts light up
glowing in the night
like a weeble wobble ghost
Poem #127:
01010100 01101111 00100000 01100010 01100101 00100000 01101111 01110010 00100000 01101110 01101111 01110100 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01100010 01100101 00101100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110001 01110101 01100101 01110011 01110100 01101001 01101111 01101110 00111011 00001101 00001010
well geez
say please
please say
what you think
even if you really thought it
even if you really knew it
Poem #126:
it’s such a pity
that you don’t miss me
Poem #125:
Wherever you find the last of your kind
is time for a bouquet, a mine or maybe a toothless whore, there were many times such as these, lest we forget
the ones who didn’t come back out again.
Poem #124:
Where in the world will he find the trick
the cards lay flat, dead in his mind
this game will not be on late-night TV
even if its only 19.95
even if nobody knows
until all is said and done
Poem #123:
everyone forgets
everything except that they have forgotten
to laugh.
Poem #122:
windows open into the sky
and the rain comes pouring down
storm of emotions
raining anger
from fuming clouds
angry, irate
hang me, i’ll wait
Poem #121:
of all the people in the world
out of everybody, you chose this girl?
a timorous choice at best
not courageous
just weaking from from fears that ought not to exist
Poem #120:
The starched pleats falling
worlds opening
is it all right if i
move in with somebody else
for this purple Janruary
this berry new year.
i resolve to love you like you deserve
Poem #119:
your empty mug out of reach on the table
serves as the only barrier between us
a wall
solid, unsurmountable
like 16 ounces of Kobe beef
a dog is an intelligent being
so is a pixel, so is a quark.
Poem #118:
All of the pennies in the world could not add up
to ten. But need they
solidarity, if even for a moment
i won’t be there.
Poem #117:
Divinely creaking ankles
on divinly creaking stairs
i sip the last sip.
Poem #116:
one has died and the other remains
Is it jam?
do you want a rack of babies with it?
no, thank you
Poem #115:
I am weary
I am sad
You are Athena
Poem #114:
fingers dry and coarse: slide
sandpaper smooth across
furrows of aged brow
burned in hir memory for the eternity of existence
that face.
Poem #113:
Together we halve oranges
At the kitchen table, our fingers intertwined like
frenzied snakes climbing up tress
entwine like vines your supple gaze
Poem #112:
my nose
tingles when i kiss the snow
so sweet.
Poem #111:
I am pulled, by my fingers, in all directions
from east to west and by the fragile tips of my hair
north to south i soon will fall away
every waking hour
brings me closer
to what remains out of reach.
Poem #110:
flaming, burning, flickering
until the house collapse in a towering bonfire
and sparks fly
away and goodbye.
Poem #109:
my life begins with
everything you ever said.
Poem #108:
i have received a hurt
from someone who does not love me
to someone who does.
Poem #107:
oh i am slain
i have recieved a hurt
which cuts deeper with each breath I take.
Poem #106:
out vile jelly
no place for you here
the air forbids it
i am thick with grief.
i am thick with grief.
Poem #105:
maple sugar, sweet and brown
dissolves in my sweat, salty sweet
drops that touch my lips
…but I don’t open, let them slide
let them fall, fall
Fall down.
Poem #104:
At the chapel
as day breaks
my body shakes
my body trembles with all of this..
i cannot bear
this any longer.
Poem #103:
maple sugar sweet dissolving
that is the sweet taste of you
the taste that I would love to linger forever
in my mouth
it melts
goodbye ice cream
Poem #102:
the sad truth is that you
never asked the reason
just told you a million answers Answers ANSWERS
But my bad memory serves me well because Ive forgotten them all
and thus i live in happiness
with buttered toast and jam
i start the day
with a new thought.
Poem #101:
Discretion is fatal
And the graveyard is alive
alive with ghost-like memories
it’s halloween again
the trees draw near
and he draws close.
Poem #100:
You will not move past this point until your lesson is learned
and you will not learn, until your learning is earned
i love it but it’s hard to
Poem #99:
It’s quite intolerable to hear you talk now
Your voice pierces through my carefully-wrought defenses
shattering justification, slaughtering logic
flattening hope.
Poem #98:
bad dreams
dreams that make me want to wake up
especially if I could wake up in your arms
which are really, thick pieces of spaghetti
that wiggle and squirm around the room
that wiggle and squirm around the room
living in poetry
Poem #97:
sweet blue sky shines my troubles away
far away behind the hills
and I will fill up, until everything spills
washes away
smooths away
the paper where you wrote your fears
Poem #96:
upon a cloud softly
sitting there was a chicken
with bones in his beak
Poem #95:
hey beautiful
hey, i love you
hey, i love you back
Poem #94:
the pencil, bold across the then-blank page
in script and scribble, it imagines your face
as a metaphoric gargoyle
Poem #93:
perchance i not will see another day
to rub my head on read helium balloons
for fun
Poem #92:
mother of our birds and
father of our friends said
you are mistaken
Poem #91:
Sein oder nicht sein, das ist hier die frage
enlemi yineleyen keskinli�e
ya nyet gabroo paruksi
shantih shantih shut up
Poem #90:
Of what do fish in phosphorescent icy depths dream?
Of worms without hooks? Of a fisherman free stream?
raw meat?
cook it.
eat it, stew it, burn it.
Poem #89:
It is a little tiring, the way that you keep stealing my left sock
This can be done no longer
could it come any slower?
first the head and the smell of her
Poem #88:
to share a thought without regard of how it might end
doesn’t mean that I have yet finished with that man
whose bloated self poorly hides a wizened soul
frozen rain strikes the window, bouncing off
we steamed up the car with
envelopes opening
i burnt your letters in the moonlight, baby
Poem #87:
A low moan in my throat
froze my tongue in place
it began when i kissed your shoulder
my tongue on your neck
your fingers crawl down my back
what will they call us when we become one
strung together in lust, entangled
chest, so soft, chin strong and rough
creeping into my soul, a love
and for a moment i need not pray for liberty
Poem #86:
My heart is filled with a murderous languor
I loved you, I scream, and I love you still
Poem #85:
You may know perfectly well, what it is I want to tell you, what I want you to know
But even so; that I can’t quite say it is so very hard to accept.
Poem #84:
He makes my toungue touch my hard palate. Phonologically incompetent
I gag on the thought of him touching me.
Poem #83:
allegiance to only one
one man’s daughter to another’s son.
We will be, said she.
Poem #82:
The neighborhood is tousled, fingertip-combed, playing cards sprayed:
When will the change come?
it’s just getting harder, and lovelier, and worse, and better, and slower, and faster;
and when can it just be more you, and more me, and more us?
Poem #81:
The love of childern is lackluster
and fitful, like the weather in New England.
but dry on the inside
Poem #80:
the lotus exige
perilously exposed on the old kitchen table
an empty bottle, in two pieces
Poem #79:
biph should play this game
Instead, he’s watching “Mame”.
Poem #78:
shall we fall tonight?
please, can we fall tonight?
into that beautiful lake of steak.
swim, swim, swim you foolish little creature!
Poem #77:
red flaming as a fall leaf
her purse pursed lips widen with excitement
because treat seemed to be heading in her direction
she had fallen in the summer and gotten up for fall
for a glorious orange october
for ever
Poem #76:
A cut throat shoulder blade
and a prickly pinecone spine
encrusted with fragrant resin
amber golden, sweet and warm
like the first sunlight after a summer storm
take my hand, let’s walk through the warmth.
Poem #75:
Singing me a song, your bird
I mean, you bird-brain!
Tweet, Tweet, Tweet.
Poem #74:
thank you harpo, for putting this up.
it is quite a good way to procrastinate : )
what? To masturbate idley while he stares and juggles
to each his own fetish, though this is not working for me
i prefer small golden kittens
Poem #73:
I went a little crazy without you today
that is a little bit of an understatement
and you know i hate when you diminish the size of my nose
without letting me see you one last time
without letting me see you one last time
and blinding me with a poker.
Poem #72:
Pumped heads and talking fingers, shity billboard
eat and send
heat the metal until it bends
and i can start to shape you and me once again
but I would need your help
your perseverence which has saved me so many times before
failed me. Failed when push came to shove
Poem #71:
If I should rather die than live without you,
not surely being undead
but rather merely sleepwalking
merely exploding
what I wish I had comes in no pill
it comes in no box, it comes in no package
pandora’s fingers itch not
Poem #70:
running from a giant hedgehog
which followed me to your house
Onto the porch, in through the door, I’m now stepping into your bedroom.
There you lay, warm and naked and soft
Poem #69:
Goodnight; it is almost impossible to say
when I long for the feel of your arms.
Wrapping and entrapping
the sound of no hands clapping
one grouchy throat rasps an objection
Important it was, but unheard
But still it was the last word.
Poem #68:
When is now?
but fleeting
I wander like a dog from room to room
just look at me
Poem #67:
When is now?
eleven thirty seven
the light on the clock blinking on off on off
like a crashed car signalling a turn to nowhere
showcasing the ultimate pointlessness of preparation
H. To owe
just let it flow
and give him a blow
Poem #66:
Everywhere I go I hear the same four chords
It is tiresome.
It is sad.
I require Chinese food.
Poem #65:
We are the water shooting through the pipe
And them, they are the systematic piping
The circulatory system of the world
o hearts and wires, megaphones and beer
internal organs, electronic items and alcohol
I’d trade them all for one good book
Or one last look
Please one more look at you.
Poem #64:
The bus driver fixed her lipstick and drove the pedal down
while the wheels on the bus went round and round, round, round
plastic fantastic
Poem #63:
when the sky turns grey, and the clouds turn blue
and window bars melt in the noonday sun
the light cutting golden through their once-solid pieces
melt into cascades of sparks
melted, contained in a warm mug
my heart.
Poem #62:
Would you be mine in the hallway?
The bedroom seems so far away
lost in the smell of thunder, the rumpled space
found in the sound of lightning
blindness crackles in the mind
colors fade to dark grey, light grey
eyes adjust to monochrome
greying contrast bleeds the bone
a dying geezer grabs the phone
ring it
Poem #61:
Yo soy el cadaver, quien te vio en la noche.
Poem #60:
Sometimes I break the rules
Sometimes I don’t.
Perchance I can’t.
Poem #59:
My dog is a drag. Flog me with a flag.
It’s a merciful lag. I am playing the rag.
Poem #58:
Can’t you talk any faster? I’m late for my flight.
You, dog, walk your master; as bait for a fight
Daughters teach your mothers how to bake
This could be a terrible mistake
what if I fall and fall and break
will you hold me then?
Poem #57:
I did not say this; I am not here.
Please do say that you are there. .
If you do not, I will throw a fit.
If you do, I will still throw a fit.
Until tomorrow, when..
the bell will ring and the fight will start again…
whos side are you on?
Poem #56:
I dedicate this song to Batman:
O, wings of twilight, soar in serenity!
soar til the darkest of days
when the night cracks open like a frozen balloon
shattering, stars, raining down around us
like leaves on a blustery day.
Poem #55:
Give me a stick and call me a cab
I cannot help but grab your hand when I walk past you, for just a moment.
A thrilling moment.
it was something I just made up
only a figment of my sad imagination
I’ll never be alone with you.
Poem #54:
Like a cold black rock I crash downhill
Knowing that it is my fate to be borne again upwards
I last kiss the ground; already I am sky
I am sky, and you are ground; at last.
Poem #53:
Flash your gash at a bash for cash
and do the monster mash, the monster mash.
Which brings to mind a chilling “Wa-oo.”
Babalu - babalu - I emerge from a giant banana peel
And gaze upon my subjects as they kneel.
Poem #52:
You give me butterflies, like I have never felt
The feel of you hand in mine makes me melt.
Walk, walk, triple step… feel my heart race;
I’ll never forget that look on your face.
your wonderful eyes, the bounce of your hair
all sorts of cars parked everywhere.
my car still running, thanks to that remote
like a game. And you forgot a coat.
What both of us wanted, one and the same
that it could not happen.. what a shame.
It is too bittersweet to handle.
Poem #51:
To throb like a train on a rattling track
jigging like dear loved ones on heated spikes
What a way to treat a lover.
Poem #50:
If you were a novel, I’d have quit on page one.
Attention spans and tempers hang in ragged shreds
curling black-edged sailing ash alights
in the night, and smoke curls on the beach.
Poem #49:
Hang on tight. Tthe ride will be rough.
No airbag to soften the crash as we tumble over ocean rocks
velvety soft; melting ardously I remember mothers biscuits
from subterranean ovens, formed from melted sand
A relic from the time of Adam’s sinful youth
but an apple a day keeps you healthy
and the piano is standing on my toe
it is a hefty price paid for freedom
Poem #48:
Hang on tight. Tthe ride will be rough.
“Attention all passengers” and all of that stuff
we’re going down. kiss your asses goodbye!
Then let me kiss your feet hello
In turn, I’ll let you kiss my mouth farewell.
May these pinwheel days end in almost silence.
Poem #47:
Turtles live in the mud, so deep, so deep they do not know
The season or the date or the reason for the wait.
And she slammed and she slammed the gate.
Poem #46:
Little feet run fast, then faster and faster
Big feet run slow, slower, and slower
Until they crawl through empty shopping malls
and sing as they march through the halls
a jubilant song of rebellion
and their march becomes a skip
Poem #45:
Gnaw the bone, my doggy, my darling, gnaw the bone, my love
you’re growing old, growing cold, and meat is better raw
If you are a hyena or a vulture
then join our club: Articulate Death-chasers of the Twenty-first Century
we’ll text while we drive and crash into a tree
I may never receive the last text you sent me
Poem #44:
Snow fell, like a quit, all that day, all that night
It was white.
Whiter than my skin.
There’s nothing else within
Where to begin?
With the end.
Poem #43:
Abracadabra, kalamazoo
I love magic, but not as much as you
Untruthful vows will make you disappear
be naked, it will be hard to find a zipper
Poem #42:
Would you like me to build you a fire?
Of combustion I can never tire
I’d roast marshmallows on my own funeral pyre
The blackened shell cracking to ooze boiling goo
shivering on the edge of a silver spoon
Poem #41:
Blackbird singing high in the high tree
Why oh why won’t you spy on me?
Sigh, oh, sigh, for that sweet cup of tea
If you love my money, set it free
winged fans on upturned faces
jagged edged
Poem #40:
Grapes of the vine, fruit of the tree
Light of my eyes, chicken of the sea
Just the right size, like honey from the bee
we pay for the meat but the gravy is free
Poem #39:
One monster under my bed and one monster in it
I’m tired as hell and I’ve reached my limit
“I’ve had all I can stand and I can’t stands no more,” said Popeye, and then he slammed the door.
He’ll be back soon to fight some more
fighting back inertia, boy shall punch
Poem #38:
My palm is saturated with the contour of rest
My palm knows peace only at your breast
Is that any reason to be depressed?
Poem #37:
Someday i will break your heart
Scratch your soul with the shrapnel of my soul
Brand your aching, yearning, skin
Shoot your arrows like Errol Flynn
Or cupid
Poem #36:
Porridge makes me sad
as do rainy days
steaming with pity tea
Poem #35:
Would you like me to build you a fire?
Or would that just be preaching to the choir?
Will someone help me untangle this wire?
But, first hand me the poppers, I’m almost finished.
Poem #34:
Quit your yapping and say how you feel
I always do, and though it gets me into trouble
I always do, and though it gets me into trouble
I always do, and though it gets me into trouble
I always do, and though it gets me into trouble
i return again with upturned eyes
for my mind has split the earth
and still it turns.
and on it burns, paper, falling from on high
showering invisible sparks against the sky
Poem #33:
I loved a baboon by the light of the moon
i loved his hairy eyes
But those bangs were his disguise
Striped socks and oversized pink glasses
Lie with me, love, in the reeds, in the grasses
I suspended clockwise motion gently rocking
Only the axis of horizontal beating
Poem #32:
He drove my sports car round the bend at a thousand miles an hour.
And he drove my heart through my chest at 10 thousand miles a minute
i would awaken on this roller coaster if he asked
i would do for him any labor the Gods have ever tasked
For he has the body of a god on olympus, 12 tasks
Or was it 11? The translation was muddled.
The scribe removed his glass eye and polished it with spit
until he could again see the writing.
Poem #31:
let’s go bowling on the moon
I’ll ask Henry to bring the bumpers
bowling! intriguing he signed, intriguing
Lust shall singe your stomach
And i shall refrain
Kissing your arms, loving your knees
Feeling the sting in the gentlest breeze
Yet still standing after hurricanes without number
staring defiantly
Poem #30:
you’re really beautiful in your footy pajamas
and so is he when you pose together
its cute and makes me want to scream
Let’s play “I’m the strawberry”; you be the cream.
Goodnight my loves, have sweet dreams.
Your lava lamp shines wondrous beams
Don’t let your light go out.
Poem #29:
You may as well ask “How high is the sky?”.
and i may ask “shallow as your soul”
a mark of determination. Sweets to a child.
Chopped and channeled and sportily styled
Not easily soothed, but so easly riled
A beachball bounced from hand to hand amid a hostile crowd
While I watched in fear.
Poem #28:
my skin craves your fingers
like a babe craves a mother
or a starving person craves food.
or a frightened chicken-mama will defend her brood
just as she whooped my tuchus
Poem #27:
Haha, said the one, haha, haha.
hehee, said the two, hehee, hehee.
we’ll stay right here in our hollow tree
with broken legs and smoky lungs
Poem #26:
You’re just in time for dinner if you want to stay a while…
please wash your hands or the table you’ll defile
Then talk to me my love, my own, for just a little while.
Talk about something that makes me smile
when the ripples of your Herculean muscles fade to dark
I will hear your voice and remember your neck
I will hear your voice and think “what the hcek!?”
As I ask the waitress for the check
But what i wanted more was her number, the creasing of her sheets
Poem #25:
trees and bees and butterlfly seas, a rhyme or one or two or threes.
and yet they all neglect to please the ones who seem most in need
that’s strange: do they need aid?
Sing, mage, and be not afraid.
chime, chime, decimate, cheer for the plague
Poem #24:
Apples, peaches, pears and plums, my only friends are a bunch of bums.
Only I, the Banana, have the boldness to fly
among the apple trees that stretch so very high
was a boy yearning for the clouds
lusting for their freedom
hoping to tear through
like a spoon through tapioca
so is your voice through my brain
like dirty water, circling round the drain
yearning for the dark solace of the pipes
I sit upon my corpse mother and play.
Poem #23:
This corpse is truly exquisite, my dear, it truly, truly is,
now quit lookin over my shoulder cos this poem is none of your biz!
Poem #22:
Bang your fork on the table. And bang your knife on a chair.
Wait ‘til dark of night, and ride a spotted mare.
wait,my dear for fright and see how gray your hair
at the roots as our origins stray
tall buildings straying from the earth
this is hardly an occasion for mirth
Or women, straining to give birth
To the last wet baby to crawl this earth.
Poem #21:
We’ve got one hundred beginnings, now we need a hundred ends.
Darling, the time has come for our end.
So let’s kiss them goodnight and skip off ‘round the bend
Poem #20:
What’s the news? And where’s the Olds?
I ask out of fear, you see, for i may have swallowed them olds.
The woods are dark, I say to thee, and some tales best left untold.
Red Riding Hood’s hiding away, cause her worst fear is growing old
Now riddled with syphilis she is too ugly to leave the house
Poem #19:
File that album under P, for the Past.
wow, and we though tapes would last.
My brother thought superman’s cape made him fast
But it stuck him in a wind turbine, alas, alas.
Poem #18:
He gave me an easy chair, but I gave him one that was hard.
He glared at me and I melted inside.
Like butter on a hot cob of corn
Poem #17:
Hold my toes to the fire, my fingers to the sun
Envelop my waste in the rapture of soft breezes
You are full of surprise, and delectable teases
But I’m full of pies, and my lungs, they wheezes.
Oh, they wheezes, they wheezes.
Poem #16:
Monkey see, monkey do. Monkey, I’m in love wth you.
Love with you, Love with you, What do you think I should do?
To whom am I speaking, to who, to who?
Said the own in the night cold and blue.
sweet, sweet, supple, blossoming
heat, heat, subtle wasp’s sting
fifty gold chains and five gold rings
a nightingale that never sings
but types upon an ancient telegraph.
Poem #15:
go away!! I want good weather!No rain, no snow, just SUN!!!
Saturate, drip, seep, thunder. All shall disappear
like oil disappears when it touches clay.
Poem #14:
An aval is ovoid and a square is just square - I ask you, honey, now is that fair?
I say it’s not fair and I’ll tell you why, since a pie is round why not just call it PIE?
O radial rhubarb, diametric delights
all sing for apple appreciation hour
fall in New England, an season for flight
burnt-orange sacrifices to autumnal deities
Poem #13:
Lie in the sukkah of love with me, darling, lie in the sukkah of love
love is a many wonderous thing.
the last line sounds illiterate but i agree with the idea
Poem #12:
Pumpkin carving is not a team sport
ha. that’s what they all say.
even though they never do stay
i always hope they will
although i know my hopes are too high.
Poem #11:
Problems? Problems? Problems? The problem is YOU!
you you you you, you. me.
I’d like to see you emerge from the sea
But I’d settle for you getting off of me.
I’d like that to happen immediately.
In the unlikeley event that it rains, bake some strawberry cupcakes, instead.
They are sure to satisfy your pallet, freshen your breath, waste your time…
All of these poems are painfully silly. I hate rhymes
Yes, yes. Daffodil.
I’m waiting still.
Poem #10:
Buffy slayed a vampire, dude, but still- the mummy walks
she ate a chicken, now she’s got the chicken pox!
Did indigenous peoples eat smalls?
Poem #9:
Do you really think I’d ever fold a thousand paper cranes?
Because, for you, i would fold ten million
just to feel your hand on my cheek
and to feel your cheek against my hand
Poem #8:
I dont understand how John McCain was ever allowed to fly a plane
surely his craft would plummet as low as Bush’s approval ratings.
which are low enough already. you probably knew that.
Poem #7:
Lie down on this couch a while and let me rub your feet
i cant just wait around for the grass to grow and the birds to tweet.
I do as much as I can; it’s what makes life so sweet!
Poem #6:
Hit me baby one more time and one more time again
ring a bell and watch it grow, till it hits the sky
Then ring the changes, lover, I’ll kiss you by and by.
We’ll walk by day and by night we’ll fly.
Poem #5:
Cover me with marmalade and serve me with your tea
I would gladly be eaten, if only for the love of thee
alice and her friends, tweedledeedum and tweedledeedee!
All three went out to dinner with Judge Louis Spee,
Poem #4:
200 volts? That’s not nearly enough!
Electrotherapy should be more tough.
Cause mental illness is mighty rough
so don’t get sick. I’ve had enough.
Poem #3:
There’s a sheep in my blanket
and he’s rubbing up near me
getting too close, too soon
if I could kick him away, surely I would
but instead, I’ll eat him
like i would if he was a pig.
oooh that’s quite fluffy.
Poem #2:
there is no spoon
fortunatley, I don’t need one. I am eating a cookie
A cookie that’s oval-shaped, with pineapple chunks
It tastes sad, like a TB plane flight might meeting might
Poem #1:
alas for poetry
is dead and gone

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